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I'm Proud To Promote Godly Values In Culture

In this edition of AFA@TheCore, we will discuss how we need to get back to promoting Godly values in our culture. Plus we talk to Todd Starnes on his book "Culture Jihad".


Two Parent Homes Are Important For Children

Tucker Carlson on Military's Recommended Reading

Marriage and Family, A Journey of Joy and Memories


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June 19, 202100:54:14
Should We Stop Idolizing Skin Color

In this edition of AFA@TheCore, we will discuss the topic "Should We Stop Idolizing Skin Color" and we will also talk with Kendra White on the AFA Documentary titled "In His Image".


Judge Orders School District To Reinstate Tanner Cross

Cong. Black Caucus Won't Let A Black Republican Join

Tucker Carlson on Why Media Try's To Discredit Hydroxychloroquine


In His Image Full Movie

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June 12, 202100:54:15
America's Leaders Must Be Moral People June 05, 202100:54:14
The Importance of Discipleship In Your Home May 29, 202100:54:15
Critical Race Theory Has No Place In American Society
May 22, 202100:54:14
There Is No Moral Equivalency Between Israel and Hamas May 15, 202100:54:15
The War Against Male and Female Exposed

In this edition of AFA@TheCore, your host Walker Wildmon discusses the war against male and female that is happening in our country.


LA teacher sounds off on "woke" education

Bruce Jenner interview with Sean Hannity

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AFA Culture Institute

In His Image

May 08, 202100:54:14
MAY 20, 2022
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