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Dr. Nurse Mama is hosted by Dr. Jessica Peck. Dr. Peck is a pediatric nurse practitioner as well as a professor, author, and mother of four. Today’s teens face many realities we never faced as parents, creating conflict that can lead to shame, stigma, broken relationships, and even a crisis of faith. Each week, Dr. Peck will approach these issues from a biblical and holistic health perspective with the aim of bringing hope and healing to families in America and around the world.

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52 Days to a Significant Life

Conversation Keys:
What do you think is your greatest strength?
How can you lead from that strength in our family?

Hope for Healthy Relationships:
When we seek God’s love first, that overflow in our life gives us significance and the
capacity to love those around us.

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May 22, 202300:28:48
Greta Fights Porn

Conversation Keys:
Can you think of a time as a teen where someone showed grace instead of shaming you?
How did that impact you?

Hope for Healthy Relationships:

The thing your kids want most from you is your time, building relationships through simple connection

Explore resources from Fight the New Drug here

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May 15, 202300:40:37
Raising Amazing Kids

Conversation Keys:What are ways we can have more fun together as a family?
If you knew I wouldn’t say no, what would you ask me to do with you?

Hope for Healthy Relationships:

The Word of God is the greatest resource for all the answers you need. Enjoy your kids in every stage. Be present and savor the opportunity to savor their hearts

Find Monica Swanson here

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May 08, 202300:34:57
Fight For Your Family - Part Two

Conversation Keys:

How are you feeling about what's going on right now?

How is this impacting you personally?

How can I support you and help you feel safe?

What do you think you can do to be a positive influence?

Hope for Healthy Relationships:

Don’t give up.

You are not alone

Take an ACE quiz here

Learn more about ACEs here

National Sexual Assault Hotline can be found here

Find Pastor Brian Haynes' website here

May 01, 202300:38:01
Fight For Your Family - Part One

Conversation Keys:

Tell your teen, I’d like to share with you something difficult that
has happened in my life
and what I’m learning from it. After sharing your story, invite them to share their own
challenge and remind them you always have an open door for conversation.

Connect with Pastor Brian here

Get your copy of Brian's book War In The Wilderness: Fight For Your Family When Life Isn't As It Should Be

Get your copy of Dr. Peck’s book: Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Life’s Toughest Issues

April 24, 202300:27:03
Dr. Nurse Mama Promo

Promo for Dr. Nurse Mama 

April 11, 202300:00:30
Postscript: How to Heal Generational Hurts

Jessica shares her post-script story of healing her relationship with her daughter. Pastor Brian equips parents for Legacy Milestones through childhood.

March 21, 202300:28:34
Eating Disorders: How to Find Healing When Food is Your Enemy

Jessica calls out our judgment of others and the social acceptability of disordered eating. Pastor Brian talks about the impacts of modesty culture on body shaming.

March 07, 202300:26:46
Gender Identity: How to Respond with Compassion and Kindness

Jessica talks about how parental fear of teen struggles is not as great as our fear of how those struggles will be perceived by others. Pastor Brian shares his perspective in staying true to your convictions while showing compassion and kindness.

February 21, 202300:24:30
Social Justice: How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism

Jessica coaches parents to listen rather than lecture, seeking common ground first rather than pursuing conflict. Pastor Brian shares his family’s experiences with seeking fellowship in diverse friend and family groupings.

February 07, 202300:28:08
Pornography: How to Find Freedom from Secrets

Jessica leads a heart-to-heart about the damage pornography causes to developing brains and the relational toll of keeping secrets. Pastor Brian shares his own personal experience and guardrails for families.

January 24, 202300:30:24
Sex and Sexting: How to Be Naked and Unafraid

Jessica equips parents to confidently (and authentically awkwardly!) guide teen sexual development by remembering sex isn’t secret, but it is sacred. Pastor Brian encourages parents to lead with a grace-based approach.

January 10, 202300:23:32
Divorce: How to Find Forgiveness and Raise Resilient Kids

Jessica gives all families practical guidance on building resilience while facing challenging circumstances, including divorce. Pastor Brian walks through what it looks like to forgive while setting healthy boundaries.

December 27, 202200:29:02
Substance Abuse: How to Accept Truth with Grace and Courage

Jessica tells the truth about the devastating impact of substance abuse on families, including her own. Pastor Brian releases families from the guilt of setting healthy boundaries and finding hope in the goodness of God even in terrible circumstances.

December 13, 202200:26:17
Vaping: How to Recognize the Health Threat You Never Saw Coming

Jessica coaches parents to respond to discovery or disclosure of vaping in a way that escapes shame and builds relationships. Pastor Brian gives a beautiful picture of an Old Testament story of living water and a God who restores as he shares his own season of struggle.

November 29, 202200:27:26
Suicide: How to Find Hope and Peace in a Broken World

Jessica gives straight talk about stigma surrounding suicidal thoughts and behaviors while empowering parents to enhance protective factors. Pastor Brian answers the question, “Is suicide an unforgiveable sin?"

November 15, 202200:28:27
Cyberbullying: How to Create a Safe Space in an Unsafe World

Jessica considers the dangers of human trafficking and equips parents to create a safe space in an unsafe world. Pastor Brian explores the impact of words of power vs. words of pain.

November 01, 202200:24:38
Social Media: How to Be a Tech - Savvy Parent in an i - Gen World

Jessica tells the truth about social distancing and the impacts on teen social media engagement. Pastor Brian gives advice on spiritual disciplines to help avoid online temptations.

October 17, 202200:26:16
Mental Health: How to Break Free from Stigma and Silence

Jessica explains generational differences and how we arrived at a Gen Z mental health crisis. Pastor Brian addresses common misconceptions and missteps at the intersection of faith and mental health.

October 04, 202200:25:49
Introduction: How to Unlock the Door to a New Relationship with Your Teen

Jessica invites you on a Jumanji-style parenting adventure to build healthy relationships with your teens. Pastor Brian navigates challenges like COVID and past hurts that keep families from connecting to spiritual support in church.

September 19, 202200:25:19

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