Financial Issues | Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dan's Hour 1 Commentary
Looks like the Trump rally is continuing
Markets are positive, and if this continues throughout January it could last all of 2017
7 for 17 list will be in a Financial Issues partner alert tonight
Pre-Born Ministries
U.S. Dollar is rallying at a 15 year high
FOMC Federal Reserve minutes coming out tomorrow
U.K. manufacturing jumps to 30 month high
Financial Issues Partnership
German jobless claims were down in December
ISIS says they have a chemical attack planned for the U.K.
Manufacturing data from China shows expansion but at a slower rate
India's manufacturing sector fell for first time in a year

Listener Questions
Jim - OH  Retirement strategy for 5 years, when he will be retiring
Karen - TX  Better to put money in a burial policy or IRA
Gavin - VA  Pay off vehicle or purchase land first
Mike - SC  Best funds to use in 401k
Marilyn - KY  Holly Frontier stock

Dan's Hour 2 Commentary
Crude oil prices are up as OPEC is holding on production cuts
Natural gas is down 7.5%
Commodities report
7 for 17 list will be in a Financial Issues partner alert tonight

Listener Questions
Joe - AL  Large amount of portfolio is in energy / Financial advisor fees
Peter - OH  Where do dividends come from / Influencing companies to be biblically responsible
Sarah - NC  TSP allocations
David - VA  Where to invest $10,000 for 3 years for a yield of $30,000
LuAnn - TX  Best way to invest new money to provide income for 80 year old
Lynn - GA  Timothy Plan funds
Doug - TN  Advice on preferred stocks


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