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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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Unconditional Love

Is “love” really love when it come with conditions? Under what circumstances can we justify not loving others?

September 28, 202200:03:25

We all delay sometimes, putting off unpleasant tasks. Some instances of delay can be humorous. Other times, gravely serious; so serious in fact that it brings to bare eternal weight.

September 27, 202200:03:52
Church Membership

The roles of our church may be full but of what caliber are the members? Too many times it’s too easy to become a member and too hard to get out of the membership.

September 26, 202200:03:54
Troubles The Dog

We will find what we diligently search for. Sometimes, however what we find is not what we hoped as we were searching.

September 23, 202200:03:44

Some mistakes are humorous, some are quite serious and costly. Sometimes our mistakes are in-correctable because we always reap what has been sown.

September 22, 202200:03:55
Dear God

Child-like faith is something we talk a lot about but often we struggle to know what it is and how to get it.

September 21, 202200:03:39
Worry Versus Concern

Turning over our problems to the Creator may seem counterintuitive but a peaceful life depends upon doing so. He alone is capable of solving them and He promises to do so.

September 20, 202200:03:21
It’s An Old, Old Story

Two young men in the field of art agreed to help one another achieve their goals. Each life story came to different ends but millions have been blessed by each on them.

September 19, 202200:03:25

Humanity is NOT basically good. We are, at our core, degenerate and corrupt without the regeneration of Christ.

September 16, 202200:03:15
The Green Gate

What is a “good time”? How does having a “good time” profit others? Is there honor in having a “good time”? …is there a great objective to be obtained in it or in working toward it?

September 15, 202200:03:32
The Good Life?

The purpose of life is to serve God and man. Our greatest joys come from living lives with meaningful purpose.

September 14, 202200:03:30
Words Are Wonderful

Words are gifts from God to express ourselves in a multitude of ways. Expression of love for pitiful man is expressed in multiple ways as well, like the giving of the Son for the redemption of all me.

September 13, 202200:03:52

How do we define success? The answer to that question is paramount to achieving success. There’s a little verse that help us define it for ourselves.

September 12, 202200:03:52
He Wasn’t Supposed to Walk

In the midst of crises the choices we make will determine whether we overcome or are defeated. We can choose to be persuaded by what others tell us and what we see or we can cling to the Creator with dogged determination.

September 09, 202200:03:56
The Foundation

Long freight trains are supported by two feet of track at a time. How can just two feet support such heavy loads, up to many, many tons of weight on just two feet at a time? Could it be because of the foundation under the track.

September 08, 202200:04:07
12 O’clock From Here to There

We live in a fascinating world where travel, knowledge, social interaction, communication is faster than ever before in history.

September 07, 202200:03:29

The Founders of our nation were great dreamers but 2000 years ago there was a group of eleven dreamers with the biggest dream of all, that all of man-kind would look to the savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

September 06, 202200:03:52
Wanted; A New Pleasure

There is no magic problem-solver in life. Life can get ugly and hopeless. That’s why Christ came; to give us a hope, a future, and make our lives beautiful.

September 05, 202200:03:36
What Others Think

When we know ourselves well and we know Christ well, the opinions of others don’t really matter much.

September 02, 202200:03:42
Cheating Our Kids

One of the primary jobs of a parent is to introduce our children to Christ. We’re failing them and they’re suffering for it. We are cheating our children.

September 01, 202200:03:47
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