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Dr. Jeff Schreve will unpack powerful truths from the Bible that will help you along in your journey. You'll grow closer to Christ - and to the heart of God.

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Day One Of Fall Sharathon 2022 With Brother Bert Harper

Day 1

October 11, 202200:54:15
Dealing with Problems

No one is promised a problem-free Christian life. How do we handle the problems that come our way? We also receive an update from Pastor Tom Ascol in Cape Coral, Florida.

October 10, 202200:54:15
Adultery and Marriage with Dr. Chris Schroeder

Is there hope for a marriage after adultery? Can it be restored? Can there be renewal? Jeff Schreve and Dr. Chris Schroeder discuss the issue of adultery, and the path to reconciliation.

October 07, 202200:54:14
Your Adversary the Devil

“Be sober-minded; be alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

October 06, 202200:54:15
The Discipline of Discipleship with Debbie Schreve

We can all improve in the area of discipline. Is it your desire to grow in that area? Jeff and Debbie discuss the difficulty of discipline and how we should strive to improve in that area in our daily lives.

October 05, 202200:54:15
Dave Collins-Walking With God

Pastor Jeff talks with Dave Collins, a long time leader with Young Life who was instrumental in leading Jeff to the Lord, about his book "Walking With God."

October 04, 202200:54:13
The Power of the Tongue with Debbie Schreve

Jeff and Debbie discuss how we should be wise with our words. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.” ~ Proverbs18:21

September 30, 202200:54:15
Reclaiming The Rainbow

We hear from Dr. Tom Ascol, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, FL about the hurricane devastation in Florida. Pastor Jeff then shares about how we should hold on to God’s promises in the midst of our storms.

September 29, 202200:54:15
Standing For Christ With Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Pastor Jeff talks with Erwin Lutzer about his important new book, "No Reason to Hide Standing for Christ in a Collapsing Culture.”  Dr.  Lutzer challenges the church to choose courage over complacency.

September 28, 202200:54:16
Seasons Of Sorrow With Tim Challies

Pastor Jeff talks with author and blogger Tim Challies (Challies.com) about his book “Seasons of Sorrow.” On November 3, 2020, Tim and Aileen Challies received the shocking news that their son Nick had died. This book is an honest look at grief and fears, faith and hope.

September 27, 202200:54:15
Is The End Near With Dr. Michael Youssef

Matthew chapters 24 and 25.

September 26, 202200:54:15
Celebrate Recovery With Dr. Chris Schroder and Rodney Holmstrom

The ten year anniversary of Celebrate Recovery.

September 23, 202200:54:14
African Missions With Dwayne Mitchell

Dwayne and his family were missionaries to Africa for thirty years. This is part of their journey.

September 22, 202200:54:15
How To Walk With God With Pastor and Debbie Schreve

Practical advice to grow in your Christian life.

September 21, 202200:54:15
How Is Your Self Talk?

Ephesians 4:29

September 20, 202200:54:14
A Letter To The American Church With Eric Metaxas

Eric discusses his new book and some of the problems in today's church.

September 19, 202200:54:15
He's Still Doing Miracles

Pastor Jeff talks with Brandon and Stacie Dennard about God miraculously healing Stacie of stage 4 cancer.

September 16, 202200:54:16
Pastor Jim Cymbala

Pastor Jeff talks with Pastor Jim Cymbala, long-time pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, about his new book Fan the Flame.

September 15, 202200:54:17
40 Questions About Prayer-Dr. Joseph Harrod

Pastor Jeff talks to author Dr. Joseph Harrod about prayer and his new book 40 Questions About Prayer.

September 14, 202200:54:17
Friends from a Biblical Perspective

Pastor Jeff talks with Associate Pastor and Counsellor Chris Schroeder about friends.

September 13, 202200:54:17
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