On Monday’s Nothing But Truth, Crane Durham spoke with Yevgeniy Feyman, adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute, about the American Healthcare Act. In addition to pulling back some of the regulations of Obamacare, Feyman says one of the best aspects of the AHA is the ability for states to opt out and implement their own versions of health coverage. In spite of the good elements, Feyman says the AHA is really a tax bill disguised as a healthcare bill.  Listen to the podcast here.

Tuesday on Janet Mefferd Live, Janet interviewed Hobby Lobby CEO David Green about his new book Giving It All Away and Getting It Back Again: The Way of Living Generously.  Green said that his goal was never to become monetarily wealthy. For him, it was important to remember that God owns everything, family is more important than business, live a generous life, and leave a strong legacy for his children and grandchildren. Listen to the interview here.

J. Christian Adams and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer discussed the firing of FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday’s Sandy Rios in the Morning. Adams contended that under a “normal” Republican administration, Comey would not have been fired because they would be more concerned with the opinion of the media than their grassroots base. Lt. Col. Shaffer alleged that under Comey’s leadership, the FBI overlooked significant national security concerns in favor of political correctness. Listen to the entire program here.

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Walker Wildmon

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