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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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Reaping What We Sow

Counting the cost of our actions – consequences are more often than not more than we are prepared to face.

June 27, 202200:03:43
Before it is Too Late

Before it is Too Late   We often allow opportunities slip through our fingers. If only we could see beforehand those that will not come our way again.

June 24, 202200:03:46
Dr. A.J. Kronen

Forgiveness and second chances are of grace, not of merit. With so many second chances given to us, how can we withhold that grace from others?

June 23, 202200:03:38
The Waldorf Astoria

It really is much more blessed to give than to receive, but – sometimes we receive more than we could ever imagine because of our giving.

June 22, 202200:03:44
The Dynamite King

What is remembered about those who pass from this world is directly connected to the good they do while they’re here.

June 21, 202200:03:42
Responsibility Pays

Those who make the most of their circumstances, regardless of how dire, will find life’s rewards to be that much sweeter.

June 20, 202200:03:36
The Gettysburg Address

How much one says isn’t nearly as important or meaningful as what one might say.

June 17, 202200:03:45
Walk in Another’s Shoes

All too often we make judgements about others without knowing their situation or having any idea what life is like for them.

June 16, 202200:03:44

Courage isn’t the lack of fear, it’s acting in the face of perhaps your deepest fear because you are the one at hand.

June 15, 202200:03:16
The Young Cartoonist

He loved to draw and even as he was told he had no talent by his editor, he continued to do what he loved and the whole world would eventually know his name.

June 14, 202200:03:07

Gethsemane was one of the lowest points of Christ’s life. Perhaps it is fitting that it’s located in Kedron Valley.

June 13, 202200:04:30
The Pool Of Salome

The Savior instructed the blind man to wash in the pool only after He had placed the mud He made from His spittle on his eyes.

June 10, 202200:04:10
The Temple

There are actually three temples in the scriptures. The later destroyed not long after it was completed. As we live for Christ we must live as The Temple of God, in and out of our churches.

June 09, 202200:04:08

The city of Jerusalem is prominent throughout the Bible’s old and new testaments, playing a key role in the life of Christ as well as His followers both past, present and future.

June 08, 202200:04:01
Power is For Serving

Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, a very unusual action, but what He taught through this act every person needs to grasp.

June 07, 202200:04:39
All Things Do Work for Good

Does God really work the bad happenings in our lives for our good? Looking at the life of Paul gives us more insight into this question and the answer.

June 06, 202200:04:51
What is Forgiveness

The account of David & Bathsheba shows us that forgiveness is absolutely necessary for man-kind. The clean heart and clear conscience is our only route to true peace.

June 03, 202200:04:17
Desire to Succeed

God has placed within every human being the desire to succeed. Pushing for the next level of achievement is always better than setting the goal so low it comes easily.

June 02, 202200:04:09
Keep on Working

We as humans will never “arrive” so we must keep straining toward the goal because the thrill of life is in the attempts at achieving the next goal.

June 01, 202200:03:58
Handling Difficult Situations

No one is spared from the trying times of life. It’s how we face them that matters. What centers one’s life determines the approach to that problem solving.

May 31, 202200:04:11
MAY 20, 2022
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