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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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We humans fear anything we don’t understand. Only Christ can steel us – prepare us - fit us in such a way so that we meet death fearlessly.

May 02, 202200:03:34
Hiding is Never the Answer

Problems can be solved only when they are not hidden. Sometimes we are the ones hiding and that is simply wasted time.

April 29, 202200:03:58
Try Again!

Because of Christ’s redemptive work in life and death on the cross the Father is able to wipe the board clean, enabling His created children to correct the error within.

April 28, 202200:03:47
The Applicant

The quickest way to fail to impress someone is to pretend to be someone or something we are not.

April 27, 202200:03:32
How Are You Building?

With every act we build our lives. We use each thought, each decision, each action just like building materials. The product we wind up with is built on the foundation of the past AND the action of the now.

April 26, 202200:03:50
Heaven or Hell?

Getting everything we want is not “heaven”. We aren’t built to have our wishes granted without effort. We are built to strive – to achieve – to conquer. Our wrong ideas of God and heaven will prove to be our undoing.

April 25, 202200:03:50
Change Within the Camp

One act of kindness is often all that is needed to change hearts minds and lives.

April 22, 202200:03:35
The White Sheets

How many of us need to be willing to cover the hillside with white? Many more are desperate to know it is safe to come home.

April 18, 202200:03:44
On This Rock

Sometimes an untruth or an half-truth can be amusing but it can be said with full truth The Rock on which is built The Church is built will stand without an amused smirk seen as The Rock is the Truth that is Christ.

April 15, 202200:03:54
What Difference does It Make?

Christ’s presence and work in one’s life is inexplicable but is always obvious.

April 14, 202200:03:31
Wist & Littleton

Those who truly investigate the gospel find their minds and hearts changed toward Christ rather than the gospel disproved

April 13, 202200:03:39
What Is Worry?

Undo concern; that’s what most worry is. 95% of the stuff about which we worry never happens. The other 5% is beyond our control; so why expose ourselves to the stress of worry?

April 12, 202200:03:58
Words of Gold

Humor – appreciation – encouragement – forgiveness and grace; five words with the power within them to change a life in a redemptive direction.

April 11, 202200:04:09
Sybil Ludington’s Ride

Sybil’s ride isn’t nearly as well-known as Paul Revere’s. However, looking at the two, hers was much more important and effective. Our contributions aren’t made to be recognized but to participate in a greater good.

April 08, 202200:03:37

Everyone has to deal with burdens. How we do it is dependent on how many burdens we’ve shared with others. Give those burdens over to Christ.

April 07, 202200:03:40
Zest for Life Gives Purpose

Purpose for life must stretch beyond ourselves if it is to keep us going. Jesus said, “The one that loses his life for my sake, find it.”

April 06, 202200:03:47
Don’t Throw That Stone

We may not have sinned a like but we all alike have sinned. Remember the two men praying in the temple, then look carefully at yourself to see which of those men you most resemble.

April 05, 202200:03:58

Nehemiah did a great (huge) work because he kept working for the purpose to which he had set his sights.

April 04, 202200:04:04
Keep Trying

Obstacles are not avoidable but we never need face them alone for Christ has promised He will never leave us or forsake us.

April 01, 202200:03:46
Work and Wait

There is no substitute for preparation and hard work. One mustn’t attempt to build a life’s superstructure upon a day’s foundation.

March 31, 202200:04:21
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