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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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Why is there Suffering?

When thinking about suffering in this life we must do so with three pre-requisites in mind.  Clarity; faithfulness and patience; these three perspectives can help us better understand suffering in this world.

March 30, 202200:04:26
What Can I Give?

Giving is a fundamental principle in the scriptures. Giving of one’s money, one’s time, one’s abilities – giving of one’s self, you could say. Always remember that little kindnesses don’t cost us much and they go a long way.

March 29, 202200:03:31

Do you own your possessions? Do your possessions own you? Motives matter. We are not given ownership of these things but rather use of them. For all things belong to God and He is sovereign in all of these things.

March 28, 202200:03:26
The Manual Laborer

Over-protection can be worse for someone than exposure to difficult situations. It can destroy the incentive to do what one can do. to strive for improvement when given the chance. One might just prove themselves capable of rising to the occasion.

March 25, 202200:03:25
Attitude of Gratitude

He who is lowly, meek and poor is the richest man on earth because he who clings to Christ as the center of his life, lives from gratitude for what he has.

March 24, 202200:03:37
Searching Out Sin

A teeny, tiny leak in the AC unit taught a huge life lesson once. For man to function as he is intended; to fulfill his purpose, he must be diligent, always examining himself for the smallest evidences of sin in his life. Upon finding them he must quickly repent and yield himself once again to the Creator for readjustment.

March 23, 202200:03:43
The Mustached Man

Children see things differently than grown folks do. We aren’t born with racial prejudice; it’s learned from others. But it doesn’t have to be learned because we can keep the child-like perspective, seeing the mustache rather than the skin color.

March 22, 202200:03:39

There are many characteristics of Barnabas the apostle that we should apply to our lives today. Risking much to do good to others; there’s always a need for a Barnabas.

March 21, 202200:03:43

Human beings put off things. Sometimes we struggle needlessly because of our lack of attention to small things. It often hurts more and longer to correct a situation than if we had simply not have procrastinated

March 18, 202200:03:39
The Stuff God Uses

God can use the seemingly insignificant stuff of life, such as a comic strip, to speak truth to our hearts and teach us the lessons of life well-lived.

March 17, 202200:03:53
William Booth

The impact of one life completely yielded to Christ will reach far beyond that life. Throughout the world and throughout the centuries we see God changing lives once thought lost in ruin through the Salvation Army.

March 16, 202200:03:44
John Wesley

John Wesley’s life proves that God can and will take all of life’s circumstances to bring glory to His Son when Christ is truly at the center of one’s life.

March 15, 202200:03:58
The Wonder of Words

Words can soothe or they can cut, when spoken from wrong motives. We can choose to build up others or tear them down and most often all that is needed are the wrong words.

March 14, 202200:03:51
A Sermon Forgotten

Does God want us to be learned or humble, intelligent or honest? What can God do with you if you are simply honest and willing to share all that He has done for you?

March 11, 202200:03:33
The Stinginess Perspective

For the believer integrity is not optional, it’s necessary. The reputation of our Lord, Christ Jesus is at stake and the eternity of those who might be watching.

March 10, 202200:03:53
Johnny Ring

Being judged as too young and too little doesn’t have to stop us from and accomplishing our purpose. Just look at the life of Russell Conrad.

March 09, 202200:03:48
The Minority Report

Twelve were sent; only two, Joshua and Caleb returned with the opinion that, indeed, the Israelites could take the land God had promised. When God speaks He expects His man to respond in obedience, regardless of what the man’s eyes tell him.

March 08, 202200:03:48
When Life Takes It All

How do we overcome when life’s bumps and bruises turn into tragedy? We can learn much from the young boy who became revered and remembered as the greatest speaker in Greece, Demosthenes.

March 07, 202200:04:10
Keep Searching For Your Place

When it’s hard to find your place in life despair is a grave enemy. We must keep searching, trying, reaching until we find the place for us in our Creator’s plan.

March 04, 202200:03:39
Does God Really Work All For Good?

There is much to learn from the life of the Apostle Paul. One thing we must learn as believers is total trust in God, regardless of our experiences.

March 03, 202200:04:52
MAY 20, 2022
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