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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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The Cheese Merchant

Including God in one’s plans is a pretty good idea when viewed from the mark of sinful beginning but God’s place is not beside us as co-owner. His place is far above ours as our head, master and Lord.

February 03, 202200:03:16
The Crippled Puppy

The world judges based on the standards of a broken, fallen identity. Believers are commanded to a higher standard, one that values each life as precious to our heavenly Father because we bear His image.

February 02, 202200:03:38
A Touch Missed

It’s all too easy to miss the great opportunities that come our way, How may have you already missed? How many more will be had when sought after?

February 01, 202200:03:17
Hidden Beauty

It takes a discerning eye to see beauty in the insignificant things of life. Stone or tax-collector; beauty can be found when looking through the eyes of Christ.

January 31, 202200:03:29
General Wallace’s Research

As many others have found, in his attempt to discredit the Bible, Lou Wallace discovered God and His plan for life.

January 28, 202200:03:39
Freedom Defined

The way in which we define things like “freedom” is telling, for freedom isn’t doing whatever it is we want. Freedom is an environment which enables and encourages choice to be captivated by service. The apostle Paul spoke of being a bond-servant to Christ and in that bondage he found true freedom.

January 27, 202200:03:50
Wolves Dressed Like Sheep

We may hear others use the same terminology that is quite familiar and sound similar to that spoken in Christian circles, BUT, beware! Context can be helpful, focus is important, be sure we are well focused on the carpenter from Galilee.

January 26, 202200:03:57
No Room in the Study

Little eyes are always watching; little hearts are constantly being imprinted. When we are pressed what is displayed to those littles? When jarred what is it that splashes out of us…Christ’s love or our own selfishness?

January 25, 202200:03:41
Dreamers From the Book of Joel

Being dreamers, our forefathers accomplished a huge undertaking. But the Apostles – they were dreamers beyond any and the world has never been the same since.

January 24, 202200:03:45
He Died for Us

Stooping to embrace to Himself that, which by essence is not embraceable, Christ became what He was not in order to make us what we could, in ourselves, never be.

January 21, 202200:03:30
Entrusted to Common Men

Amazing! The Creator provided what only He could; the only remedy for sin, His Son, our Christ. Yet He entrusted the Gospel, His good news about the remedy, to mere men.

January 20, 202200:03:34
Thank you Lord!

Every moment of every day is reason for thanksgiving, especially for the believer. Whether thankful for rescue from the jaws of disaster or for every breath, we have much for which we must be thankful.

January 19, 202200:03:31
I’m a Rich Man!

Being rich is more than money. Rich is love, heritage, friends and loved ones and Christ in whom all true riches are found.

January 18, 202200:03:46
We Ain’t Poor

Having few of the goods of this world doesn’t equate to being poor. Lack of money is not what defines richness or poverty, for anyone can have all the “riches” ever needed in life when loved and appreciated by others.

January 17, 202200:03:53
God on Trial

How would we judge He who cannot be judged? Many questions come to mind but ultimately we come to the realization that God alone is The Judge and man will always come up short and in debt.

January 14, 202200:03:21

A quality lacking today in most of us is persistence. To accomplish great things doesn’t take great riches or great brains or fame. It simply takes the ability to persevere, to persist.

January 13, 202200:03:27
When Everything Seems to go Wrong

When we move too fast, we attempt too many tasks at once, are good ways to ensure chaos and wrong results. Take your eyes off of yourself; keep them focused on Christ, especially when life gets difficult, and be surprised at how much will go right.

January 12, 202200:03:37
Life Isn't Supposed to be Easy

Life never lets up on us and we must take seriously it’s challenges. There is a standard, set by God, to be striven for. Keep aiming at the standard and avoid the easy path of selfishness.

January 11, 202200:03:37
Johnny Spence

Strength of character must take priority or we are left in very dangerous waters which more often than not, results in drowning.

January 07, 202200:03:32
The Right Thing To Do

Very often life’s circumstances bring temptations to do the easy thing even when we know we shouldn’t. We are called to be faithful, meaning the right thing is often very difficult.

January 06, 202200:03:38
MAY 20, 2022
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