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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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If it Isn’t Your Dog, Say So!
November 17, 2021

The facts we choose to omit from any given situation may cause the people who are dependent on the information we give. Withholding our help when it’s within our power to be helpful causes the flaws in our character to become starkly visible.

Practice is Better Than Knowledge
November 16, 2021

Unfortunately, our deeds very often fail to reflect our words. We must live-out the words we so readily hold others to and do so with integrity. Otherwise, our own words condemn us.

Who Knocked Down the Walls?
November 15, 2021

If we don’t spend time in God’s Word God’s ways will be foreign to us, making us no better than fools.

Hording the Wealth
November 12, 2021

What a man adores will tell those around him what he values and the things he values are the very things he is apt to loose. Using the earthly goods we have is much better that hording them.

November 11, 2021

Those who take their responsibilities seriously know the meaning of duty. It’s a shame that more people don’t know the meaning of duty any longer.

Take Me To the Christ
November 09, 2021

The Bible says we are all sheep who have gone astray. When we live as a “lone sheep” we are at risk from the intent of the predators of this world and the enemy who roams looking for whom he may devour, but the way “home” is always available when we go to the cross.

The Scars of Sin
November 08, 2021

Even the smallest sin will leave a scar on the soul of a person. While the sin is forgiven by our Heavenly Father, the scar or consequences of the sin often have to be dealt with.

Tradition for the Sake of Tradition
November 05, 2021

“We’ve always done it, this way”. The last words of a dying institution cannot hold up under the scrutiny of rational thought. Many traditions that we cherish so greatly are silly and will be seen as such when brought under the magnifying glass of truth.

Complain Less – Love More
November 04, 2021

Some people are determined to be miserable, no matter what happens in life. We can be stingy and complain about their lives or we can appreciate the people and love that we are given in our lives.

The Legend of the Three Trees
November 03, 2021

In this fable we can see the truth that the dreams of children more often than not don’t come true. That is, they are not fulfilled as we foresee them, but in life there is a plan and a Planner who works in all.

Love or Force
November 02, 2021

What is the most powerful force known to man? Could it be one of the elements? Maybe mountains, rivers or perhaps emotion? Yes, a particular emotion in fact. Love will conquer the wildness of lions and the hearts of men.  Love can and will do what force cannot.

November 01, 2021

In all things perspective is everything in the evaluation of the world around us. Each person is good and bad, beautiful and ugly and the perspective with which we behold others will dictate how they are seen.

The Most Valuable Attribute
October 29, 2021

The things we value speaks volumes as to the depth and breadth of our character. We cherish too many things with no real significance to heaven or on earth.

Mr. Anybody and Mr. Somebody
October 28, 2021

Choose any two people, anywhere in the world and you will find that while their life experiences are similar, accomplishment is usually dependent on the attitude of the individual. Great opportunities come and go but it is how we meet them that changes the outcome.

The Chicken & the Eagle
October 27, 2021

Life is difficult at times. Those seeking an easier way are usually shocked to find that there is a greater cost for ease than we are apt to want to pay. Nothing is ever truly free.

Doing Nothing
October 26, 2021

Many make a career of doing nothing or almost nothing. But there’s one thing everyone can be thankful for, that our Creator is not in the nothing business. Get busy accomplishing the work you are given and if you don’t know what that is, find something!

The Light of The World
October 25, 2021

Christ said that His followers are to be the light of the world, reflecting His Light. Darkness and light cannot share the same space for the light will disrupt and dispel darkness.

Fishers of Men
October 22, 2021

When one goes fishing, it’s important to know exactly what kind of “fish” it is on would like to catch. Knowing what you’re trying to attract impacts your success more often than not.

Mr. Pessimist & Mr. Optimist
October 21, 2021

The way in which one approaches a problem will often determine how that problem is resolved. We can see the mountain and abandon any efforts or begin the climb with hope in the heart.

Rules are Made to Follow
October 20, 2021

It’s My Turn is a collection of narratives with application for the everyday life as a Christ-folower, written by The Rev. Donald E. Wildmon, founder of American Family Association.

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