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Dr. Jeff Schreve will unpack powerful truths from the Bible that will help you along in your journey. You'll grow closer to Christ - and to the heart of God.

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Parenting With Dr. Kathy Koch

Dr. Koch discusses her new book "Resilient Kids: Raising Them To Embrace Life With Confidence."

August 12, 202200:54:15
Parental Apologetics With Janet Mefferd

Teaching your children to defend the faith.

August 11, 202200:54:15
What Do You Do When All Seems Lost?

Some people become bitter or give up but some people stand up.

August 10, 202200:54:15
Socialism: The Real History With Bill Federer

America is entering a dangerous time.

August 09, 202200:54:15
Truth For Youth Bible Week With Pastor Tim Todd

Reaching the unsaved youth with free bibles.

August 08, 202200:54:15
Preaching, Calvinism And The SBC with Dr. David Allen

How faithful are you?

August 05, 202200:54:15
God's Amazing Grace With Dr. Chris Schroder

The covenant of Grace.

August 04, 202200:54:15
The Hollywood Prodigal With Lisa Cangelosi Brown

Success in Hollywood doesn't equal happiness.

August 03, 202200:54:15
Back To School

Nehemiah 6:3 Encouragement for teachers.

August 02, 202200:54:15
Bible Question With Guest Host Ray Pritchard

Ray answers some bible questions from a recent conference.

August 01, 202200:54:15
Standing Up For The Gospel With Pastor Mike Stone

Speaking boldly for Christ.

July 29, 202200:54:15
Praying In A Crisis With Guest Dr. Chris Schroder

Sometimes God uses crisis to bring us closer to him.

July 28, 202200:54:15
Thinking For Yourself With Guest Darrell Harrison

The wrong kind of black guy.

July 27, 202200:54:15
Christmas In July

Guest Bob Lapine joins us to discuss his new book "The Four Emotions Of Christmas". A wonderful evangelism tool for the Christmas season.

July 26, 202200:54:15
If You Could Go Back In Time

What would you tell your younger self? What lessons have you learned from God and life?

July 25, 202200:54:15
From Tragedy To Triumph

In 2016, the Barrick family was involved in a horrific accident with a drunk driver. This is their story.

July 22, 202200:54:15
How To Live In A Romans 1 World

How do we function in a world where good is called evil and evil is called good?

July 21, 202200:54:15
How To Face The Ups And Downs Of Life

We all face joy and sorrow. How do you respond?

July 20, 202200:54:15
Keeping Marriage Sweet

Jeff and Debbie share some things they have learned in thirty-six years of marriage.

July 19, 202200:54:15
Are You Ready To Defend The Faith?

A discussion of Apologetics with our guest Dr. Neil Shenvi.

July 18, 202200:54:15
MAY 20, 2022
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