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The Awakening deals with the pressing issues confronting Americans today - cultural, economic, political and national security. Your host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder and president of S.T.A.N.D (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), is on a mission to awaken the body of Christ and all Americans to the fundamental threat to the spiritual and moral foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Instead of mere rhetoric, he offers real solutions to the problems America faces, such as inner city poverty, crime and violence.

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Transitioning Genders In Young Children

Is it child abuse?

February 23, 202100:54:14
Coca-Cola Is Requiring Racism Training For Their Employees

Training is intended to help employees be "less white".

February 22, 202100:54:15
First Amendment Friday For February 19, 2021

Open phone lines!

February 19, 202100:54:15
Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

Sponsored by Sheila Jackson Lee. A very dangerous bill.

February 18, 202100:54:15
Rush Limbaugh Passes Away At Age 70

After a long battle with lung cancer the great Rush Limbaugh has died. Bishop Jackson remembers Rush on today's program.

February 17, 202100:54:15
First Amendment Friday For February 12, 2021

Open phone lines!

February 12, 202100:54:15
The NBA Says All Teams Will Play The National Anthem

Mark Cuban explains his reasoning for not playing the National Anthem.

February 11, 202100:54:14
The Dallas Mavericks Will No Longer Play The National Anthem Before Games

Dallas owner Mark Cuban doesn't have any respect for the country that has made him extremely rich.

February 10, 202100:54:15
The Second Trump Impeachment Trial

How can you impeach someone who is no longer in office?

February 09, 202100:54:15
Political Correctness And Cultural Appropriation

Twenty seven states have names that are Native American in origin. Should the names be changed?

February 08, 202100:54:15
First Amendment Friday

First Amendment Friday

February 05, 202100:54:11
Hunter Biden Is Publishing His Memoirs, The Left Shapes The Narrative, and Your Phone Calls

Hunter Biden Is Publishing His Memoirs, The Left Shapes The Narrative, and Your Phone Calls

February 04, 202100:54:13
Democrats Remove the Phrase "Under God" From The Pledge Of Allegiance

Democrats have already removed God from their platform now they want to remove Him from the pledge.

February 03, 202100:54:15
Black Lives Matter Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

After 570 rights, billions in property damage and loss of life BLM has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. Really?

February 02, 202100:54:15
Christian Magazine, The Daily Citizen, Banned From Twitter

A Christian organization has been suspended from the Twitter social media platform for stating Dr. Rachel Levine’s, assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), biological sex.

February 01, 202100:54:15
First Amendment Friday For January 29, 2021

Open phone lines!

January 29, 202100:54:15
Biden Orders All Deportations Stopped

President Biden is advancing his open borders policy through executive orders.

January 28, 202100:54:14
Update On The Prison Ministry

Bishop has been overwhelmed with correspondence from prisoners but a plan is being put into place.

January 27, 202100:54:15
We Must Defend The First Amendment

Our First Amendment rights are sacred and must be defended. Our elections need to be cleaned up so that we do not have a repeat of the chaos of 2020. Impeachment trial and listener call-in.

January 26, 202100:54:15
Fred Jackson Guest Hosts Today's Program

Fred is joined by Chris Woodward to discuss executive orders signed by President Biden.

January 25, 202100:54:15
MAY 20, 2022
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