The Awakening with Bishop E.W. Jackson

The Awakening deals with the pressing issues confronting Americans today - cultural, economic, political and national security. Your host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder and president of S.T.A.N.D (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), is on a mission to awaken the body of Christ and all Americans to the fundamental threat to the spiritual and moral foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Instead of mere rhetoric, he offers real solutions to the problems America faces, such as inner city poverty, crime and violence.

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Shooting At Walmart

Shooter was a Walmart manager who shot employees in the breakroom. He also took his own life.

November 23, 202200:54:14
More Laws Aren't The Answer

We need to enforce the laws we have.

November 22, 202200:54:14
Thanksgiving Is A Christian Holiday

Hear what George Washington had to say about it.

November 21, 202200:54:13
First Amendment Friday For November 18, 2022

Bishop Jackson entertains calls from listeners for and against about the news of the day.

November 18, 202200:54:10
Twelve Republicans Vote For The Respect For Marriage Act

Your religious liberties are being attacked.

November 17, 202200:54:16
The Respect For Marriage Act

A Trojan horse?

November 16, 202200:54:13
Meet Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis will be taking over for the retiring Sandy Rios. The new program will start on January 2, 2023. Learn a little bit about Jenna.

November 15, 202200:54:15
Isabella McMillon Joins Us From Operation Christmas Child

Isabella's life was completely changed by a Christmas shoebox from Operation Christmas Child. Find out how you can impact a child and spread the Gospel.

November 14, 202200:54:14
First Amendment Friday For November 11, 2022

Open phone lines!!

November 11, 202200:54:13
Psalms 37:34

Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.

November 10, 202200:54:13
Discussion Of Tuesday's Mid Term Election

The anticipated "Red Wave" didn't materialize but be of good cheer. We will win.

November 09, 202200:54:15
NPR Broadcasts Audio Of An Abortion

NPR should not be receiving one dime of taxpayer money.

November 07, 202200:54:14
First Amendment Friday

Bishop Jackson says the left is going crazy as election day approaches and takes calls from across the country.

November 04, 202200:54:11
Sleeping Like a Baby

Bishop Jackson says he is not worried and is sleeping well as election day approaches.

November 03, 202200:54:14
Supreme Court Issues Ruling In Pennsylvania Election Case

Non dated or incorrectly dated ballots are not to be counted.

November 02, 202200:54:14
The Democrats Are Running From Policies They Supported

They really think you aren't paying attention.

November 01, 202200:54:14
Guest Ken Blackwell Discusses The Midterm Elections

Mr. Blackwell says we must remain vigilant and engaged to insure an honest election.

October 31, 202200:54:13
Things are Looking Up

Bishop Jackson expresses his optimism for the upcoming elections and the good of our country.

October 27, 202200:54:05
Adverse Reactions Indicate the Vaccine is Working?

Bishop Jackson comments on the tactics of the left.

October 26, 202200:54:09
Letter to the American Church-Eric Metaxas

It is important Christians read Letter to the American Church before elections.  It is available at ericmetaxas.com.

October 25, 202200:54:10
MAY 20, 2022
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