What to do when my app stops playing

Are you experiencing issues with the AFR Android app not working in the background or when your phone screen goes off? We have heard from other users and have witnessed this issue using our own Android devices.  This article will provide links to possible solutions.

We understand that all Android devices are not the same.  Devices from different manufacturers may include features that other manufacturers do not have and due to this, Settings screens may differ.  We have tried to include descriptions and screenshots to update certain settings but your device may be slightly different than what we have shown.

We have had success in helping most users to get their app working without interruption of playing the stream.  Some users only had to make a single setting change and others had to make more than one setting change.

Setting 1 - [Samsung] - Never Sleeping Apps


Setting 2 - [Samsung + Others] - App Battery Usage


Setting 3 - [Samsung] - Power Savings Mode


Setting 4 - [Other] - Battery Saver Mode


Setting 5 - [Samsung + Others] - Data Usage and Data Saver


Contact AFA App Support

Send an email to appsupport@afa.net with a description of your problem and the Manufacturer and Model of your phone.

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