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“Encouragement Live,” hosted by Dr. Don Hawkins, is the weekly national radio broadcast of Master Life Coach Training Institute.

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Shifting Sands Pt. 2

Dr. Hawkins continues his discussion with Dr. Rex Rogers on the constantly changing political and spiritual climate in the Middle East and North Africa

May 20, 202300:54:24
Stewardship and Peace

Roxane Indermuehle talks about overcoming financial fears through faith and Biblical stewardship

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May 13, 202300:54:23
Encouraging Words Can Make a Difference

Author, Dr. Gene Getz, talks about encouragement based on Biblical principles

May 06, 202300:54:15
Shifting Sands

Dr. Hawkins talks to guest, Dr. Rex Rogers about the constant changes in the Middle East

April 29, 202300:54:24

Dr. Hawkins speaks with special guest, Pastor Chad Roberts on the subject of suffering

April 22, 202300:52:34
The Importance Of Going The Distance

Dr. David Shibley, founder of Global Advance, talks to Dr. Hawkins about how to encourage others to go the distance.

April 15, 202300:54:23
As America Turns Further From Christian Values, How Aggressive Should We Be In Sharing The Gospel?

Dr. Erwin Lutzer joins Dr. Hawkins to talk about his book, No Reason To Hide.

April 08, 202300:54:20
Evangelism and India

Elizabeth Andrade talks to Don about his recent trip to India

April 01, 202300:54:23
Getting Unstuck

Guest, John Redd, talks to Dr. Hawkins about being spiritually and emotionally "stuck" in a "post-covid" world

March 25, 202300:54:19
Today's Spiritual Battlegrounds

Guest host Brad Smithart talks to Dr. Rex Rogers, President of SAT-7 USA, about understanding spiritual warfare

March 18, 202300:54:24
Stewardship: Everything Belongs To The Lord

Dr. Hawkins discusses faithful stewardship with his guest, Roxane Indermuehle, of His Faithful Stewards

March 11, 202300:54:25
What Kind Of World Are Our Grandchildren Facing?

Christian Life Coach, John Coleman talks to Dr. Hawkins about the misinformation our grandchildren are receiving about Christianity

March 04, 202300:54:23
The Biblical Issue of Money

Betty Banks joins Dr. Hawkins to talk about money management from a Biblical perspective

February 25, 202300:54:15
Christian Ministry During And After Crisis

Dr. Rex Rogers, president of SAT-7, talks to Dan Webster about the disaster in Turkey and Syria and what SAT-7 is doing to help those in need.

Link to SAT-7 here

February 18, 202300:54:25
Stress May Be Affecting You

Stress is something we are all relating to these days. Christian Life Coach, John Coleman, joins Dr. Hawkins to give us insight on how to cope with that overwhelming stress.

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February 11, 202300:54:20
Long Covid

Dr. Hawkins talks to author, teacher and pastor, Dr. Gene Getz, about his near death experience with Long Covid

February 04, 202300:54:20
The Need For The Gospel In The Middle East

Dr. Rex Rogers, president of SAT-7, looks at Israel and beyond to explain how all in the Middle East need the Gospel

Click here to learn more about SAT-7

January 28, 202300:54:20
A World of Dominant Conflict and Elusive Peace

In the midst of stress, division and war Jesus has promised us peace. Dr. Hawkins talks to Roxane Indermuehle, of His Faithful Stewards, on finding that peace.

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January 21, 202300:54:20
As America Turns Further From Christian Values, How Should We Respond?

Dr. Erwin Lutzer joins Dr. Don Hawkins to talk about his book, We Will Not Be Silenced

January 14, 202300:54:13
How Can We Make 2023 A Better Year Than 2022?

Global Advance founder,Dr. David Shibley, talks with Dr. Hawkins about the quality of our choices having an impact on the quality of our lives

Connect with Global Advance here

January 07, 202300:54:21

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