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Airing live at 9am CST on American Family Radio, Faith & Finance with Rob West, along with special guests and financial experts, aims to provide biblical wisdom on a variety of financial topics as well as answers to call-in questions. Originating in 1988, Larry Burkett, co-founder of Christian Financial Concepts and Crown Financial Ministries, started a question-and-answer radio program with co-host Steve Moore called “Money Matters”. After Larry’s passing and homegoing in 2003, Crown’s other co-founder, Howard Dayton, became the new host and in 2011, Money Matters was transformed into MoneyWise by Howard’s new organization, Compass Finances God’s Way. In 2017, Kingdom Advisors (another organization Larry Burkett co-founded) acquired the MoneyWise radio broadcast ministry and in January 2023 the ministry changed it's name to Faith & Finance. Today, under the leadership of radio host Rob West, Faith & Finance can be found on your favorite podcast platform and on the AFR website and mobile app.

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Protect Kids, Parents Online

We’ve reported many times how identity thieves target seniors. Now it seems they’re going after kids, too. And it’s way more common than you might think. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about how you can protect your kids and elderly parents from identity theft and then he'll take your calls.

August 12, 202200:54:12
Student Loan Forgiveness Update

If you worry that you’ll never be able to pay off your federal student loans, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter. The White House is expected to make a decision about student loan forgiveness, but the Education Department isn’t waiting. Rob West will explain today on MoneyWise on AFR.

August 11, 202200:54:10
What You Don't Know About Credit Cards

For most people, for good or ill, credit cards are a part of everyday life. We think we know everything about them, but often, that's not true. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about some things you may not know about credit cards and then answer listeners' questions.

August 10, 202200:54:12
Learning From Financial Missteps

Everyone makes mistakes with finances. The only difference is that some people learn from them and others don’t. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about how you can learn from financial missteps and then take your calls.

August 09, 202200:54:13
Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance? & Truth For Youth Bible Week

The government says that more than 2 out of 3 Americans will need long-term care at some point. Long-term care insurance isn’t cheap. Can you afford to buy it? Or rather, can you afford not to? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will discuss long-term care insurance and then Dr. Tim Todd of Revival Fires International joins us with an incredible opportunity to get the Word of God into the hands of America's youth. In the last segment of the program today Bob Doll joins us to talk about the markets and financial news.

August 08, 202200:54:16
Challenging Your Property Assessment

Homeowners love the fact that property values have gone through the roof this past year, but there’s a downside. If you haven’t gotten your latest property assessment, you could be in for a shock. Your property tax assessment will probably rise right along with your home’s value. But is it accurate? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will tell you how to challenge yours. Then we take your calls on all things financial.

August 05, 202200:54:12
Secret Slide Money Club

C.S. Lewis said, “What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects.” Speaking of “little books,” did you know that many authors will tell you that children’s books are the hardest to write? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk with Art Rainer about a unique series of books he’s written to teach kids about money. Then we'll take your calls and financial questions.

August 04, 202200:54:12
Keep Your Heap Running

With the average monthly car payment now at $712, it makes sense to keep your old car running as long as possible! Estimates are that prices for new and used cars will remain sky high well into 2023. So now is a terrible time to buy another vehicle. In most cases, you’ll be miles ahead by repairing the old one. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will tell you the best way to keep your current car running and then he will answer your financial questions.

August 03, 202200:54:13
Preparing For Recession

Well, it’s official. The U.S. has slipped into a recession. The question is, are you prepared for it? It may be only a technical recession and the employment numbers remain high, thankfully, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? Best to be ready. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will tell you how to prepare your spending plan and then take your calls.

August 02, 202200:54:12
Doing Your Part

God is all-powerful. He can do anything and doesn’t need our help. But don’t take that to mean that he doesn’t want our help. He very much does. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about what that might mean when it comes to financial stewardship. Then we take your calls and later Bob Doll stops by to talk markets and inflation.

August 01, 202200:54:10
Marriage Conflict Resolution

Ephesians 4:29 says “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs … “ That’s a great verse to keep in mind when talking with anyone, but especially your spouse, and especially when you’re having a disagreement. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about this with Howard Dayton and then it’s on to your calls.

July 29, 202200:54:11
"Must Knows" About Money

If you don’t think you’re smart enough to handle money wisely, consider Proverbs 18:15, “The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West has a few things you must know to be a good steward of God’s resources, and it starts with simply wanting to be one. Then we will take your calls and financial questions.

July 28, 202200:54:12
Inflation and Healthcare

With inflation running so high these days saving on healthcare costs is more important than ever. Last year, the average family spent over $1200 a month for healthcare and we can expect that figure to rise dramatically this year as inflation takes its toll on the healthcare industry. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that with Lauren Gajdek.

July 27, 202200:54:06
Stay In The Investing Boat

Matthew 14:30 says “But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” The account of Jesus walking on water and Peter attempting to join him is generally associated with faith. But does it hold a message for investing as well? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that with Mark Biller.

July 26, 202200:54:06
The Trouble with Investing for Retirement

Many people today invest for the purpose of retirement. Yet retirement, at least how we think of it today, isn’t something we find in Scripture. So what’s the biblical vision for our later years of life? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West discusses this with Jeff Haanen and answers your financial questions.

July 25, 202200:54:06
Rate Your Investments

Proverbs 27:23 tells us, “Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds …” Today our flocks and herds might be stocks, mutual funds and everything else in our retirement portfolios. Do yours honor the Lord? Robert Netzly is here today with a new, easy way to find out.

July 22, 202200:54:11
Car Prices Hit Record Highs

Gas prices are sky high right now, but it may not matter if you can’t afford to buy a car. Prices for new and used cars have hit record highs. Rob West will talk about that today on MoneyWise on AFR.

July 21, 202200:54:13
Church Finances and Inflation

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, inflation is now having an impact on church budgets. What should the Body of Christ do about it? Rob West will talk about what can be done today on MoneyWise on AFR.

July 20, 202200:54:12
The Perils of Margin Investing

Proverbs 21:5 tells us that, “Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.” Nowhere is that more true than with your investments. Rob West will talk about that and take your calls today on MoneyWise on AFR.

July 19, 202200:54:13
Saving For The Future and Generating A Return

The future is coming at you fast and if you’re going to be financially prepared, it’s wise to take steps now. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about “growing your money to meet future needs.” Later, Rob will take your calls and talk with Bob Doll about this weeks financial news.

July 18, 202200:54:12

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