Hannah's Heart

Hannah’s Heart is a half hour program to encourage couples walking through infertility and miscarriage. It’s about clinging to Christ, the ultimate hope and finding peace and joy in the midst of the journey. Hosted by AFA’s very own Anne Cockrell and Kendra White.

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Prayer Journaling Through Miscarriage

School Teacher Lynn Baker shares her heartbreaking story of miscarriage and reads from the prayer journal she used during that painful season.

April 01, 202300:25:58
Best Friends Start Ministry after Experiencing Stillbirth 2 Weeks Apart

Alyson and Kelsie were best friends, expecting healthy babies 2 weeks apart. But tragedy struck, and neither one brought home a baby. BUT GOD! He rescued their hurting hearts, picked up the broken pieces and started a ministry to help others heal from the heartache of miscarriage.

March 25, 202300:25:58
God Heals Infertile Womb and Rebellious Heart

We've all heard God answers prayers, and sometimes His answer is, "No." But sometimes His answer is, "Yes." This is the testimony of a woman who was far from God and unable to have a baby. Through prayers of friends God blessed Pat with a baby and saved her soul!

March 18, 202300:25:58
“The Chosen” Series Tackles Theme of Miscarriage

International hit series “The Chosen” takes on the theme of trusting God in the midst of a miscarriage. Show creator/director Dallas Jenkins discusses these powerful scenes and the many lives that have been impacted by them.

March 11, 202300:25:58
Special Needs Adoptions with Kendra's Dad-part 2

Kendra and Anne continue their discussion with Kendra's father who also happens to be a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years professional experience. He is also a compassionate parent to both biological and adoptive children. This program includes more of the particulars and some alarming observations about special needs adoptions.

March 04, 202300:25:58
Special Needs Adoptions with Kendra's Dad-part 1

Kendra and Anne discuss the topic of special needs adoptions with their guest, Kendra's Dad who also happens to be a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years experience. He is familiar with the process from several perspectives, including social worker and adoptive parent. And Kendra's relationship with her dad makes this an extra special interview.

February 25, 202300:25:58
A Visit with Christian Radio Host J. J. Jasper

In addition to being a Christian Radio personality, JJ Jasper has a vested interest in the sanctity of human life. He speaks regularly on the subject at churches and Crisis Pregnancy Center banquets. JJ's family has experienced infertility, the loss of a child, twins, a special needs child and is a blended family. This discussion covers some of that, and this may be the first of two or three shows with this special guest.

February 18, 202300:25:58
The Heartbreak of Chemical Pregnancy

In cases where a miscarriage happens very early in a pregnancy, the medical community euphemistically uses the term "chemical pregnancy." Despite the implication that the pregnancy ended so early as to be nothing more than a chemical reaction, the mother feels the loss and grieves for her child. Life begins at conception, and a loss due to miscarriage is heartbreaking, no matter what stage of pregnancy. Anne and Kendra address this phenomenon from a place of experience.

February 11, 202300:25:58
Abraham the Attorney and the Adoption Option

Adopting a child is challenging, complicated and costly, where as abortion is simple and cheap. My brothers this should not be! Kendra and Anne talk with attorney, pastor and radio host Abraham Hamilton III about his family's experience with adopting a child. With a lot of prayer and a little legal support, even non-attorney Christian families can successfully adopt.

February 04, 202300:25:58
Surviving Failed Adoption

The path to adoption is filled with numerous hurdles. But anyone who has ever suffered from a failed adoption will relate to this couple’s difficult journey. Through the grief, anger and painful questions…God’s grace is sufficient!

January 28, 202300:25:58
Courageously Expecting-Jenny Albers

Kendra and Anne talk with Author Jenny Albers who has written a book titled, "Courageously Expecting."

January 21, 202300:25:58
The Ethics of Infertility Treatment

Kendra and Anne talk with Dr. Gordon, who guided Kendra and her husband through their journey to childbirth, about the options and ethics to be considered when dealing with infertility.

January 14, 202300:25:58
Single Mother to the Nations

There are so many single women and men who are waiting for God to bring their future mate into the picture. Many of these folks have a deep longing to be a mom or dad and to raise up Godly children. What do you do with those longings in the mean time? If you are single and desire to have kiddos...this episode is for you! Waiting time isn't wasted time. God wants to use you RIGHT NOW to minister to others

January 07, 202300:25:58
After Loss

Anne and Kendra discuss the issues and emotions they dealt with after losing a baby.

December 31, 202200:25:58
Sarah's Story

Anne and Kendra talk with Sarah about her challenges with infertility and miscarriage before becoming a mom.

December 17, 202200:25:58
Angel Gowns

Anne and Kendra talk with their guest, Hannah (not the show's namesake!), about organizations and individuals who transform donated wedding dresses into funeral gowns for babies.

December 10, 202200:25:58
Songs of Praise-Holiday Show

Kendra and Anne discuss songs of praise by mothers found in the bible.

December 03, 202200:25:58
Anne and Kendra's Moms

Kendra and Anne have told their stories, but we never got the perspective of their families. Our hostesses welcome their mothers into the studio for an insightful discussion.

November 26, 202200:25:58
A Snowflake Adoption Story

Kendra and Anne talk with Jenny and David Hancock about their family and their experience with snowflake adoption.

November 19, 202200:25:58
Angela-While in Waiting

Kendra and Anne talk with Angela, who is the leader of one of several ministry groups called "While in Waiting." These groups minister to women who want to become mothers.

November 12, 202200:25:58

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