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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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A single incident in the life of Abraham Lincoln offers an insight into how God often moves to lead and direct the lives of His children in Christ Jesus.

December 08, 202200:03:19
The Twelve

Each member of the twelve who most closely followed Christ had a specific role to play in the spread of the Gospel. Each was faithful to their call unto death.

December 07, 202200:04:11
Appreciation is Appreciated

There is great power in showing appreciation to others. Everyone desires to be appreciated for the part they play so why should it be so difficult for us to express our appreciation to others?

December 06, 202200:03:39
How to Play Second Best

Not everyone marching in the parade of life can lead. There must always be the followers. Second best doesn’t mean less-than or incapable. It simply means that we play the part we have to the best of our ability.

December 05, 202200:03:39
Just One Man

What if everyone were to say, “I’m just one man”? Many of the changes that benefited the entire world have begun in the heart and mind of one solitary man.

December 02, 202200:03:47

There is nothing basically wrong in criticism, it can actually be very good for us. How we do the criticizing and our motives in it are the factors that will make it constructive or destructive.

December 01, 202200:03:29
Two Young Frogs

One must be convinced that we can have victory over life difficulties when we refuse to allow them to defeat us.

November 30, 202200:03:34
The Storm

Fear will stop us from venturing out unless our focus remains on the mission at hand. Remember, we don’t have to return but we must go when and where Christ calls.

November 29, 202200:03:25
God is in the Physical

Christ occasionally got away from His followers to be alone with The Father to rest and refresh. In His pattern we can find our physical and mental health.

November 28, 202200:04:03
The Point of Decision

There comes a point in the life of each person when they will decide to follow Christ or not. How will you choose if yours comes today?

November 25, 202200:03:55
Lord, I’m Thankful

Life is difficult, and we must weather many challenges. Being thankful when we are in need and when we can bring help to another in need makes life both sweet and meaningful.

November 24, 202200:03:20
Matthew 6

Anticipating life’s problems can be helpful in developing a game-plan but there is a fine line between preparation and fruitless angst.

November 23, 202200:03:20
Lowly in Spirit

Interesting thoughts about the life of Thomas Jefferson. Pride must be handled with proper control.

November 22, 202200:03:38
How to Enjoy Living

The life of the believer is to be enjoyed. Laughter and valuing family is just a couple of the ways for us to help ourselves enjoy living our lives.

November 21, 202200:03:47
What Can I Give?

Giving is a fundamental principle in the scriptures. Giving of one’s money, one’s time, one’s abilities – giving of one’s self, you could say. Always remember that little kindnesses don’t cost us much and they go a long way.

November 18, 202200:03:31
Do Unto Others

This world is a sinful place. Self-absorbed people are everywhere and in desperate need of The Light of the World. In other words, the very thing we are called to be.

November 17, 202200:03:38
Truth is Truth

Getting ourselves out of the way – losing one’s self – is necessary in order to truly find ones’ purpose.

November 16, 202200:03:25
Love Your Enemies

The historical relationship between President Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton serves as a good reminder of Christ’s command to us in Luke.

November 15, 202200:03:27
The Usual

A periodic self-check is a good thing to do. The “usual” isn’t to be taken for granted.

November 14, 202200:03:26
Training A Child

How many stories like Johnny’s are repeated throughout our society? Is it any wonder that society has continually moved away from the things of God?

November 11, 202200:03:30
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