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Dr. Jeff Schreve will unpack powerful truths from the Bible that will help you along in your journey. You'll grow closer to Christ - and to the heart of God.

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Male and Female He Created Them with David Closson

David Closson serves as the Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council where he researches and writes on life, human sexuality, religious liberty, and related issues from a biblical worldview.

May 26, 202300:48:05
The Parent’s Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal - with Laine Lawson Craft

Laine is dauntlessly committed to guiding parents of teens and young adults to win back their prodigal children.

She partners with prodigal parents so that they find a proven battle plan and strategies to guide them to know that they are not in a war with their child but in a war with the enemy trying to destroy them; they will learn how to have authority over the battles, and how to pray for victory for their prodigal.

May 25, 202300:48:15

Timothy Mahoney is the award-winning director of six feature films: Patterns of Evidence: Mt Sinai I & II, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle I & II, Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy, and Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. Tim is the founder of Thinking Man Films and Media, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based international documentary & publishing company.

May 24, 202300:48:16
NRB Conference with Matt Potter and Lathan Watts

Matt Potter is a Christian business leader and the founder of Pray.com, the world’s #1 app for daily prayer and faith-based media content.

Lathan Watts is Senior Research Fellow for Alliance Defending Freedom– the world's largest legal org. protecting religious freedom, free speech, parental rights, & marriage.

May 23, 202300:48:26
Come and See: The Journey of Knowing God through Scripture - with Dr. Jonathan T. Pennington

Pastor Jeff talks with Jonathan Pennington about his new book. In Come and See, Jonathan Pennington helps readers understand what it means to know God from the Bible and details 3 effective approaches to interpreting Scripture. Jonathan Pennington (PhD, University of St Andrews) serves as professor of New Testament interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and pastor of spiritual formation at Sojourn East church in Louisville, Kentucky.

May 22, 202300:48:03
Michael Woolworth - Bible League International

Michael Woolworth is Senior Director of Broadcast Media at Bible League International. Bible League International serves the under-resourced Church with Bibles and training to transform lives worldwide through God’s Word. They desire to see thriving local churches around the world offering salvation, life change, and hope through biblically-based training and resources that meet the spiritual, moral, and social needs of their communities.

May 19, 202300:54:17
The Law of the Harvest

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a person sows, this he will also reap.  For the one who sows to his own flesh will reap destruction from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit. Let’s not become discouraged in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not become weary. Galatians 6:7-9

May 18, 202300:54:17
Pastor Mike Stone in the Studio

Jeff talks to Pastor Mike Stone about the state of the Southern Baptist Convention.

May 17, 202300:54:16
Bitter Things

In the bible, the word mara means bitter. We all have bitter times in our lives. Pastor Jeff looks at the ways God can use our maras and takes calls from listeners who have dealt with bitterness.

May 16, 202300:54:16
The Issues That Should Concern Us

What should concern us in this day and age? It is imperative for us as believers to understand the times we are in and to know the word of God.

May 15, 202300:54:16
Parental Apologetics with Janet Mefferd

Dr. Jeff Schreve discusses Parental Apologetics with guest Janet Mefferd

May 12, 202300:48:04
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

Nobody get’s away with sin. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14

May 11, 202300:48:14
The Job of a Mom - with Debbie Schreve

Mother’s Day is this week. Jeff and Debbie talk about the very important job of being a mother.

May 10, 202300:54:15
A Conversation with George Foreman

Pastor Jeff talks with world champion boxer George Foreman about the latest film “Big George Foreman.”

May 09, 202300:54:15
The Fear of the Lord - with Dr. Chris Schroeder

We see in our world today a loss of the fear of God. Many do not care about God’s commandments. People live for themselves. How are we supposed to live for Chris in a world that has no reverence for Him?

May 08, 202300:54:15
The Southern Baptist Convention - With Dr. Chuck Kelley

Pastor Jeff talks with Dr. Chuck Kelley about the health of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the decline it is experiencing in some areas. Dr. Chuck Kelley is a follower of Jesus, husband to Rhonda, and Distinguished Research Professor of Evangelism at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

May 05, 202300:54:14
Pastor John Miller

Jeff talks with Pastor John Miller of Church on the Rock in Texarkana, TX. Pastor Miller has been Pastor of Church on the Rock since 1990.

May 04, 202300:54:15
The Presidential Prayer Team

Pastor Jeff talks with Jim Bolthouse, president of the the Presidential Prayer Team. Founded in 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team is the nation's largest, full-time nonpartisan ministry dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people to pray for the president and leadership of the United States of America.

May 03, 202300:54:15
An Interview with Dr. Nurse Mama

Dr. Jessica Peck is a pediatric nurse practitioner as well as a  professor, author, and mother of four. Today’s teens face many realities we never faced as parents, creating conflict that can lead to shame, stigma, broken relationships, and even a crisis of faith. Each wee on her podcast, Dr. Peck will approach these issues from a biblical and holistic health perspective with the aim of bringing hope and healing to families in America and around the world.

May 02, 202300:54:14
The Key Ingredient for a Healthy Marriage - with Debbie Schreve

Is Christ at the center of your marriage? For couples, the key ingredient for a healthy marriage is building your life on Jesus. 

May 01, 202300:54:15
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