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No matter what spiritual or cultural issue you face, the answer is to always share the truth of God and apply it to your life. That is exactly what co-hosts Jordan Chamblee and Cedra Sartin seek to do every week on Share Truth Apply Scripture, as they discuss a wide range of topics that concern young believers in today’s world. Listen on American Family Radio or online through the podcast.

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Current Events with Chris Woodward | April 2021

Jordan and Wesley discuss the President's joint address to Congress with Chris Woodward.

May 01, 202100:27:26
Equipping Young Christians | Rick Green

Jordan and Cedra talk to Rick Green about the Patriot Academy and how he seeks to equip young Christians to change the world.


April 24, 202100:27:28
Christians and Sexual Addiction | Hannah Harrison

Wesley and Cedra talk to Hannah Harrison about the reality of sexual addiction within the Church and how Christians can confront it.

April 17, 202100:27:28
The Source of Our Hope | Jim Stanley

Wesley and Cedra interview Jim Stanley, director of American Family Radio, to discuss the upcoming Shar-A-Thon and the mission of AFR.

Join us for Share-a-thon from April13-15! Go to afr.net or call 877-616-2396 to give.

April 10, 202100:27:28
The Church Through the Generations | Chris Woodward

Jordan and Wesley talk with Chris Woodward about the news that concerns the American Church.

Read more: https://onenewsnow.com/

April 03, 202100:27:28
The Christian Family | Ryan and Bethany Bomberger

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Ryan and Bethany Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation to discuss the cultural issues facing Christian families in America.

Marriage Family Life Conference: https://marriagefamilylife.net/

The Radiance Foundation: https://www.theradiancefoundation.org/

March 27, 202100:27:27
Transgenderism and Our Children | Walker Wildmon

Jordan and Wesley are joined by Walker Wildmon to discuss how the transgenderism issue is targeting our children and damaging the culture.

"In His Image" documentary: https://inhisimage.movie/

Walker's article: https://www.djournal.com/opinion/columnists/walker-wildmon-mississippi-now-leading-when-it-comes-to-following-science/article_8b2b1494-a3ad-5908-b938-cc31573d077b.html

March 20, 202100:27:28
The Health of the Church | Pastor Jeff Shreve

Jordan and Cedra welcome Jeff Shreve and discuss the spiritual health of the American Church.

March 13, 202100:27:27
The Soul of America | Tony Perkins

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Tony Perkins to discuss the Christian's role in the battle for the soul of America.

Reading plan: https://www.frc.org/bible

March 06, 202100:27:27
Persecution and the Church | Chris Woodward

Jordan, Cedra, and Chris Woodward discuss Chris' article about persecution.

February 27, 202100:27:28
Christian Fellowship | Kendra White

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Kendra White to discuss how fellowship is vital for Christians and why Christians tend to disregard it.

February 13, 202100:27:28
Fighting the Dragon of Fear | Hannah Meador

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Hannah Meador to discuss anxiety, fear, and how to hold tight to God's promises.

February 06, 202100:27:28
The Pro-Life Battle | Chris Woodward

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Chris Woodward to talk about the issues facing Christians in 2021.

January 30, 202100:27:27
Christians and Commitment

Jordan, Cedra, and Wesley discuss what it means to keep our promises and how it reflects the character of God.

January 23, 202100:27:27
Living in the Truth | John Cooper

Jordan and Cedra are joined by John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet, to talk about his new book: Awake & Alive to Truth (Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World).

John Cooper's book: http://www.johnlcooper.com/awake

Cooper Stuff Podcast: https://cooperstuffpodcast.com/

January 16, 202100:27:28
Looking Ahead to 2021

Wesley, Jordan, and Cedra talk about areas of their lives they are determined to improve in the coming year.

January 09, 202100:25:58
Review of 2020 | Chris Woodward

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Chris Woodward to look back on how 2020 changed their perspectives on cultural issues.

Read more: https://onenewsnow.com/

December 26, 202000:27:28
Christmas and Evangelism | Alex McFarland

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Alex McFarland to discuss the realities of the Christmas story as well as how Christmas opens up doors for evangelism.

December 19, 202000:27:06
Activating Generation Z | Rep. Joe Mitchell

Jordan and Wesley are joined by Rep. Joe Mitchel of Iowa to discuss the RunGenZ organization and how young conservatives can become leaders in our nation.


December 12, 202000:27:27
News Update with Chris Woodward (1)

Chris Woodward of OneNewsNow joins Jordan and Wesley to talk about the election and maintaining a system of integrity.


November 28, 202000:27:27
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