The Awakening with Bishop E.W. Jackson

The Awakening deals with the pressing issues confronting Americans today - cultural, economic, political and national security. Your host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder and president of S.T.A.N.D (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), is on a mission to awaken the body of Christ and all Americans to the fundamental threat to the spiritual and moral foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Instead of mere rhetoric, he offers real solutions to the problems America faces, such as inner city poverty, crime and violence.

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Pamela Karlan's Sickening Attack On Baron Trump

Impeachment witness Pamela Karlan disturbing attack on a child. Bishop's guest today is Bill Pfister, from Samaritans Purse, discussing The Greatest Journey bible program for children in impoverished countries. Bishop Jackson also has some thoughts on combating bullying. Listener call-in.

December 05, 201900:53:59
The Rise Of Antisemitism

Bishop Jackson's guest today is Evelyn Marcus. Evelyn's family survived the holocaust with the help of Christians and will be discussing the troubling rise in antisemitism. Listener call-in.

December 04, 201900:54:15
Pete Buttigieg Claims To Be A Bible Believing Christian

Bishop's guest today is Pastor Jerry Lawson discussing his experiences with AFA's Christmas button campaign. We're not sure which Bible Pete Buttigieg believes in. Bishop Jackson gives his thoughts. Listener call-in.

December 03, 201900:54:13
Social Change From The Judicial Bench

Trump nominates openly gay Harvard Law alum for federal appeals bench. Listener Call-in.

December 02, 201900:53:56
America's Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving celebration is a unique holiday for American’s and is part & parcel of the founding and success of these United States of America.

Bishop Jackson reminds us of the first observance proclaimed by a great hero of the War for Independence and our first President, George Washington, as he reads from that proclamation of 1789.

November 27, 201900:54:08
The Ordered Reinstatement of Navy Seal Edward Gallagher

President Donald Trump halted the prosecution demotion of Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher because of the war crime accusations brought against him. The prosecution and acquittal of Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, and a failed attempt to demote him and strip him of his status as a SEAL, expected to have broad repercussions for the U.S. military.

November 26, 201900:53:37
President Trump's Approval Rating Rising Among Minorities Likely to Vote

President Trump's Approval Rating Rising Among Minorities Likely to Vote.

November 25, 201900:54:06
The Dangers Of The FISA Court

FBI agent under investigation for FISA abuses. Listener call-in.

November 22, 201900:54:14
Washington Bureaucrats Attend "New Age" Retreat

Washington bureaucrats "free their minds" at new age retreat paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Update on impeachment inquiry. Listener call-in.

November 21, 201900:54:15
The Favorite: A Great New Christian Movie

Bishop Jackson's guest today is Daniel Bernard. Daniel is the producer of a new must-see Christian movie titled The Favorite. Discussion of the impeachment hearing and listener call-in.

November 20, 201900:54:11
Chick-Fil-a Bows Down To The LBGTQ Mafia

Bullied by the LBGTQ, Chick-Fil-a will no longer donate to the Salvation Army or Fellowship For Christian Athletes. Listener call-in.

November 19, 201900:54:08
Did You Know?

Bishop Jackson shares some information about Robert Mueller and James Comey that you might not know. Listener call-in.

November 18, 201900:54:09
Impeachment Hearing: Communist Show Trial

Bishop Jackson's thoughts on the Impeachment hearings. Listener call-in.

November 15, 201900:54:09
High School Students Walk Out In Protest of Chick-fil-a

School shooting in California. Chick-fil-a protest. Listener call-in.

November 14, 201900:54:08
Transgender Indoctrination Of Elementary School Children

Transgender indoctrination without parental consent. Dana Williams, from Operation Christmas Child, is our guest today. Dana talks about how you can help spread the Gospel and make a child's Christmas something to remember. Listener call-in.

November 13, 201900:54:09
How To Witness To A Muslim

Guest Host Alex McFarland is joined by Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim, to discuss how to witness to Muslims. Listener call-in.

November 12, 201900:54:08
Dr. Alex McFarland guest hosts The Awakening

Joining Alex today is Dr. Lisa Van Riper, President of South Carolina Citizens for Life, discussing abortion and other topics affecting our nation.

November 11, 201900:54:10
Leftists Want to Destroy The Church

The Left's hatred of the Church. It's not impeachment it's a Coup attempt. Listener call-in.

November 07, 201900:54:08
Virginia Election Results

The Virginia election results. The connection to George Soros, the big money left, and redistricting. Listener call-in.

November 06, 201900:54:07
Washington Nationals White House Visit: The Hatred For Kurt Suzuki

Important elections today in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Virginia. The Left's hateful Twitter response to Kurt Suzuki at the White House. Listener call-in.

November 05, 201900:54:10
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