The Awakening with Bishop E.W. Jackson

The Awakening deals with the pressing issues confronting Americans today - cultural, economic, political and national security. Your host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder and president of S.T.A.N.D (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), is on a mission to awaken the body of Christ and all Americans to the fundamental threat to the spiritual and moral foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Instead of mere rhetoric, he offers real solutions to the problems America faces, such as inner city poverty, crime and violence.

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Bishop Jackson's Guest Today Is Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Dr. Lutzer discusses his new book "No Reason to Hide: Standing for Christ in a Collapsing Culture"

December 22, 202200:54:13
Stanford University Issues "Hateful Language" Guide

We must stop using the term "America".

December 21, 202200:54:13
Bishop Jackson Discusses The LBGT Movement With Guest Dr. Everett Piper

The ultimate goal of the LBGT movement is to destroy the family.

December 20, 202200:54:13
We Need Strong Leadership!

Over five million illegals have crossed our border this year alone.

December 19, 202200:54:13
First Amendment Friday-12-16-22

Bishop Jackson comments on issues about which his listeners are concerned; especially the acronym GAY.

December 16, 202200:54:10
Greetings From Colorado!

Greetings from Colorado! bishop Jackson share of his experience at Caress Bible College and tackles the crazy things happening in our culture.

The mega-crisis about to explode on our southern boarder as well as the invitation of the drag-queen to our nations seat of power.

December 15, 202200:54:03
Revival in the Church with guest host Dr. Alex McFarland

Dr. Alex McFarland fills in for Bishop Jackson. Guest on with Alex is Reverend Tyler Gaulden, pastor of Church Street Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC. The topic is Revival in the Church

December 14, 202200:54:07
Have You Been Treated Differently Because Of You Views?

The public square is becoming increasingly hostile to people with conservative opinions.

December 12, 202200:54:31
First Amendment Friday For December 9, 2022

Open Phone Lines!!

December 09, 202200:54:13
WNBA's Brittney Griner Released From Russia In Prisoner Swap

America releases convicted international arms dealer Viktor Bout in exchange.

December 08, 202200:54:13
Republicans Need a Vision

Bishop Jackson makes some observations in the wake of a Republican senate loss in Georgia and takes your calls. Also, Bishop Jackson talks with guest Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty.

December 07, 202200:54:10
The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey is a 12-lesson discipleship course designed for Operation Christmas Child shoebox recipients. Children who participate in the program learn how to follow Christ and share Him with others. As they do, entire families and communities are transformed by the power of the Gospel, and churches are started.

December 06, 202200:53:03
There Is A Concerted Effort To Take Away Our Rights

The FBI was meeting weekly with Twitter to suppress information during the 2020 election.

December 05, 202200:54:13
First Amendment Friday For December 2, 2022

Open phone lines!

December 02, 202200:54:14
Respect For Marriage Act

Fundamental Morality Cannot Be Comprised

December 01, 202200:54:13
The Left Is Playing For Everything

And they are relentless.

November 30, 202200:54:13
People Are Delusional

Pop music is a racist plot.

November 29, 202200:54:14
Cambridge University Dean Defends Student's Sermon Claiming Jesus Was Transgender

According to the sermon the spear wound in Jesus' side "takes on a decidedly vaginal appearance."

November 28, 202200:54:14
Guest David Barton: We Must Teach The Constitution To Our Children

Public schools are ignoring the teaching of the Constitution. We must demand that this be corrected.

November 25, 202200:54:13
In Grace

Thanksgiving Special

November 24, 202200:59:13
MAY 20, 2022
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