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Mark Green, Jeff Barrows, David "Bull" Gurfein, Meg Kilgannon
July 12, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Mark Green, U.S. Representative for the 7th District of Tennessee, comments on Mexican President Andrés Obrador’s visit to the White House, House Democrats’ continuing efforts to codify a “right to abortion” and continuing NDAA negotiations.
  • Dr. Jeff Barrows, Senior Vice President of Bioethics and Public Policy for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, reacts to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ silencing of dissent over their recommended treatment plan for children with gender dysphoria.
  • Lt. Col. David “Bull” Gurfein, United American Patriots CEO, breaks down how the politicization of the military’s justice system is destroying the lives of U.S. servicemembers.
  • Meg Kilgannon, FRC's Senior Fellow for Education Studies, offers her analysis of the Biden administration’s proposed radical rewrite of Title IX protections for women.
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Scott Perry, Jackie Walorski, Connor Semelsberger, Aaron DiPietro, Jennifer Bauwens
July 11, 2022

On today’s program, hosted by Joseph Backholm:

  • Scott Perry, U.S. Representative for the 10th District of Pennsylvania, comments on the U.S. Army’s decision to stop paying 62,000 unvaccinated service members and the pervasive wokeness in the military.
  • Jackie Walorski, U.S. Representative for the 2nd District of Indiana, reacts to the latest news on inflation and Democrats’ efforts to enshrine a “right to abortion” into law.
  • Connor SemelsbergerFRC’s Director of Federal Affairs for Life and Human Dignity, offers his analysis of President Biden and congressional Democrats’ conflicting strategies to undermine the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.
  • Aaron DiPietro, Florida Family Policy Council’s Legislative Affairs Director, shares about his state’s decision to withhold taxpayer funding from transgender drugs and procedures.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, FRC’s Director of the Center for Family Studies, highlights the growing number of de-transitioners returning to their biological sex and how the ideology of relativism is unraveling.
ID: 71747
Mark Waltz, Jonathan Mitchell, Ben Carson
July 08, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Mike Waltz, U.S. Representative for the 6th District of Florida, addresses the threat China poses to the U.S. and the woke policies that are undermining the military’s effectiveness.
  • Jonathan Mitchell, principal of Mitchell Law, shares about the underlying significance in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, which returned the question about abortion back to the American people.
  • Dr. Ben Carson, famed pediatric neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, reacts to President Biden’s executive order expanding access to chemical abortions, as well as Vice President Kamala Harris’ meeting with red state Democratic legislators.
ID: 71712
Chad Wolf, Ken Paxton, Gordon Chang, Donna Harrison
July 07, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Chad Wolf, former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, comments on the failure of Leftist prosecutors to enforce gun crime laws as well as the Department of Justice’s current investigation into Texas’ efforts to secure the Southern border.
  • Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, reacts to news that three Texas counties declared a state of emergency at the Southern border.
  • Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, breaks down the FBI and MI5 joint warning that China’s espionage is reaching a critical level.
  • Dr. Donna Harrison, American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists CEO, responds to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s introduction of a bill attacking pregnancy resources centers as well as concerns that President Biden’s plan to expand at-home abortions will endanger women’s lives.
ID: 71688
Dan Bishop, Meg Kilgannon, Melissa Ohden, Owen Strachan
July 06, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Dan Bishop, U.S. Representative for the 9th District of North Carolina, comments on the misguided woke priorities of the Biden administration while Americans are growing increasingly concerned about the economy and record inflation.
  • Meg Kilgannon, FRC's Senior Fellow for Education Studies, discusses how the Biden administration is pushing woke ideologies in public schools.
  • Melissa Ohden, saline abortion survivor, highlights Kansas’ Value Them Both referendum.
  • Dr. Owen Strachan, FRC’s Senior Fellow at the Center for Biblical Worldview, offers his analysis on why a recent Gallup poll found that fewer and fewer Americans now see the Bible as the literal word of God.
ID: 71687
Steve Marshall, Stephen Moore, Carolyn McConnell, Larry Taunton
July 05, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Steve Marshall, Alabama Attorney General, reacts to state prosecutors defying state pro-life laws around the country and addresses how the Dobbs decision will affect laws protecting children from gender transition surgeries.
  • Stephen Moore, FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor, breaks down the latest economic news.
  • Carolyn McDonnell, Americans United for Life staff counsel, highlights resources for state attorneys general in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.
  • Larry Taunton, Executive Director of the Fixed Point Foundation, takes a historical and analytical look at the blatant hypocrisy of the press.
ID: 71665
Chuck Fleischmann, Mary Szoch, Carroll Conley, Ben Johnson, David Closson
July 01, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Chuck Fleischmann, U.S. Representative for the 3rd District of Tennessee, reacts to the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the “Remain in Mexico” immigration policy and the watering down of pro-life protections in House appropriations bills.
  • Mary Szoch, FRC’s Director of the Center for Human Dignity, shares her thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision as well as the Biden administration’s push for chemical abortion in light of the decision Dobbs.
  • Carroll Conley, Christian Civic League of Maine executive director, responds to the Maine Attorney General who slammed the Supreme Court’s decision in a school choice case affecting his state.
  • Ben Johnson, Senior Editor & Editor of The Washington Stand, breaks down the political and cultural engagement of evangelicals and shares the inside story of how pro-lifers held the line against Supreme Court moderates.
  • David Closson, FRC’s Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, shares how the Church can support moms and dads facing unplanned pregnancies.
ID: 71649
Chris Smith, Erin Hawley, Paivi Rasanen, Mike McClure
June 30, 2022

On today’s program, broadcast from IRF Summit 2022:

  • Chris Smith, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of New Jersey, explains why it’s important to protect religious freedom at home and abroad.
  • Erin Hawley, senior counsel to the appellate team at Alliance Defending Freedom, discusses the Left’s reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling and reacts to President Biden’s call for a carve out of the filibuster in order to codify “a right to abortion” into federal law.
  • Paivi Rasanen, a Finnish MP who faces persecution from her government for simply expressing widely held biblical beliefs, shares why she continues to stand for truth.
  • Mike McClure, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel San Jose, and Arielle Del Turco, FRC’s Assistant Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, highlight FRC’s new report titled "Free to Believe? The Intensifying Intolerance Toward Christians in the West."
ID: 71647
Sam Brownback, Mike Farris, Brent Keilen, Gloria Samdi-Puldu
June 29, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Sam Brownback, former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, shares about the ongoing IRF Summit 2022.
  • Mike Farris, Alliance Defending Freedom president & CEO, highlight’s FRC and ADF’s upcoming Celebrate Dobbs, Celebrate Life event.
  • Brent Keilen, Vice President for FRC Action,  analyzes the most recent midterm primary and runoff election results.
  • Dr. Gloria Samdi-Puldu, president of the LEAH Foundation, and Lela Gilbert, FRC's Senior Fellow for International Religious Freedom, share about ongoing persecution of Christians in Nigeria.
ID: 71646
Steve Danies, Connor Semelsberger, Tate Reeves, Mike Waltz, Brad Wilcox
June 28, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Steve Daines, U.S. Senator from Montana, breaks down what the Biden administration is doing in reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs and what’s next for pro-life legislation in Congress.
  • Connor Semelsberger, FRC's Director of Federal Affairs for Life and Human Dignity, unpacks the Left’s court battles against state-level pro-life laws.
  • Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, discusses the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision and why the Left is suing to block his state’s law protecting unborn children.
  • Mike Waltz, U.S. Representative for the 6th District of Florida, addresses the military’s failure to reach recruiting goals.
  • Brad Wilcox, Professor and Director of the National Marriage Project at UVA, offers his analysis on the consequences of young men growing up without fathers.
ID: 71645
Marjorie Jackson, Ken Klukowski, Joe Kennedy, Mary Miller
June 27, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Marjorie Jackson, reporter for The Washington Stand, reports live from the U.S. Supreme Court about the Court’s recent decision in Coach Joe Kennedy’s case.
  • Ken Klukowski, a former lawyer in the White House and Department of Justice, offers his assessment of the landmark Dobbs decision which overturned the 49 year old Roe v. Wade, as well as Coach Kennedy’s case.
  • Coach Joe Kennedy and Mike Berry, First Liberty Institute’s Vice President of External Affairs and Senior Counsel, highlights the U.S. Supreme Court recent decision in their Kennedy v. Bremerton School District case.
  • Mary Miller, U.S. Representative for the 15th District of Illinois, shares her reaction to the Court’s recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.
ID: 71644
Katherine Beck Johnson, Jeff Landry, Chris Smith, Ben Carson
June 24, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Katherine Beck Johnson, FRC’s Research Fellow for Legal and Policy Studies, reacts to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturns the 49-year old Roe decision.
  • Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General, shares his thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.
  • Chris Smith, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of New Jersey, addresses how the House Republicans will address a post-Roe world.
  • Dr. Ben Carson, famed pediatric neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, shares his insights on the Dobbs decision.
ID: 71642
Mary Miller, Chris Mitchell, Morse H. Tan, Mary Beth Waddell, Ken Klukowski
June 23, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Mary Miller, U.S. Representative for the 15th District of Illinois, highlights the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX and explains a new bill concerning minors undergoing “gender-reassignment” surgery.
  • Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, discusses the latest news as Israel prepares for its fifth election in less than four years.
  • Morse H. Tan, Dean of Liberty University’s School of Law, breaks down what’s driving the recent spike in violent crimes in large cities.
  • Mary Beth Waddell, FRC's Director of Federal Affairs - Family and Religious Liberty, gives an update on the federal legislation FRC is tracking including the NDAA and gun bills.
  • Ken Klukowski, a senior counsel at Schaerr Jaffe, offers an overview of the remaining cases the U.S. Supreme Court has to decide this term.
ID: 71643
Kevin Brady, Lea Patterson, Josh Hawley, Jim Harden, Andy McCarthy
June 22, 2022

On today's program:

  • Kevin Brady, U.S. Representative for the 8th District of Texas, reacts to President Biden’s announcement on a gas tax holiday.
  • Lea Patterson, First Liberty Institute counsel, shares good news on the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in a Maine school choice case.
  • Josh Hawley, U.S. Senator from Missouri, offers an update on negotiations in a bipartisan Senate deal on gun violence and his letter opposing the FY23 NDAA provision forcing women to register for the draft.
  • Jim Harden, CompassCare Pregnancy Services president, shares how his ministry is recovering after being firebombed by abortion supporters.
  • Andy McCarthy, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, discusses how the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice should be responding to the attacks on pregnancy resource centers.
ID: 71641
Marjorie Jackson, Roger Marshall, Pat Fallon, Jack Terrell, Tim Throckmorton, Greg Steube
June 21, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Marjorie Jackson, reporter for The Washington Stand, reports from the Supreme Court as the nation awaits the Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.
  • Roger Marshall, U.S. Senator from Kansas, discusses President Biden’s remarks on the Covid-19 vaccine approval for children, and NIH funding for Chinese labs.
  • Pat Fallon, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Texas, breaks down the Navy’s Pride Month training video as well as the Left’s recent attacks on the Texas Republican Party’s platform.
  • Jack Terrell, founder and president of KiDs Beach Club, highlights his organization’s efforts to promote the gospel to students.
  • Tim Throckmorton, FRC’s National Director of Community Impact, provides an update on an Ohio community’s efforts to remove sexually explicit material targeting children from a local library.
  • Greg Steube, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 17th District, commemorates the 50th anniversary of Title IX and discusses his recent bill to protect women’s sports.
ID: 71640
David Barton, Dean Nelson, Bryan Davis, John Lennox
June 20, 2022

On today's program: David Barton, WallBuilders founder, breaks down the Texas GOP platform and the remaining cases this term the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to release opinions on. Dean Nelson, FRC's Senior Fellow for African American Affairs, shares about how Juneteenth showcases America at its best. Pastor Bryan Davis, a Scioto County Commissioner, highlights his effort to remove sexually graphic books from his county library. John Lennox, emeritus professor of mathematics at Oxford University, dives into a biblical perspective on artificial intelligence.

ID: 71472
Dan Bishop, Matt Carpenter, Jeremy Dys, Chris Sprowls, Jack Brewer
June 17, 2022

On today's program: Dan Bishop, U.S. Representative for the 9th District of North Carolina, comments on the FBI's announcement that it is investigating the recent attacks against pregnancy care centers as well as the latest illegal immigration data. Matt Carpenter, Director of FRC Action, shares about a recent surprising midterm election result in a border congressional district of Texas. Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Institute Special Counsel for Litigation and Communications, reacts to Sports Illustrated's attack on Coach Joe Kennedy. Chris Sprowls, Florida Speaker of the House, shares why on this Father's Day, America's dads need to step up for their kids. Jack Brewer, Chairman of AFPI Opportunity Now, highlights how essential fathers are in the lives of children and how many mass shooters had no active father-figures in their lives.

ID: 71471
Steven Palazzo, Jerry Boykin, Mary Miller, John Plake
June 16, 2022

On today's program: Steven Palazzo, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Mississippi, shares his assessment of President Biden's handling of the sustained, skyrocketing inflation rate and gas prices. Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, FRC's Executive Vice President and former commander of the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force, breaks down what's behind the Army's current recruitment difficulties. Mary Miller, U.S. Representative for the 15th District of Illinois, reacts to President Biden's 'parents' councils' which includes parents who labeled other concerned parents as 'terrorists' for attending local school board meetings as well as the President's executive order promoting gender transitions on children. John Plake, Director of Ministry Intelligence at American Bible Society, comments on the Society's report finding human flourishing scores have risen to pre-pandemic levels.

ID: 71469
Meg Kilgannon, Greg Steube, Travis Weber, Quentin Van Meter
June 15, 2022

On today's program: Meg Kilgannon, FRC's Senior Fellow for Education Studies, highlights a letter 26 state Attorneys General signed on to asking the USDA to withdraw their expansive guidance regarding gender, Title IX and the SNAP program. Greg Steube, U.S. Representative for the 17th District of Florida, shares the latest developments on the congressional negotiations over gun violence. Travis Weber, FRC's VP of Policy and Government Affairs, discusses radical abortion activists Jane's Revenge's violent attacks on pro-life pregnancy care centers and churches. Dr. Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Pediatricians, reacts to President Biden signing an executive order barring federal funds from being used for 'conversion therapy.' Dr. Michael New, Charlotte Lozier Institute Associate Scholar, breaks down the latest abortion data as the impending Dobbs decision looms.

ID: 71467
Dave Brat, Josh Hawley, Matt Rosendale, Travis Weber, Meg Kilgannon
June 14, 2022

On today's program: Dave Brat, Dean of Liberty University's School of Business, reacts to President Biden's recent speech on the economy and the latest economic data. Josh Hawley, U.S. Senator from Missouri, shares the latest news on negotiations in a bipartisan Senate deal on gun violence and the Biden administration's Disinformation Governance Board. Matt Rosendale, U.S. Representative for Montana, comments on ZooMontana doubling down in support of their Drag Queen Story Hour event. Travis Weber, FRC's VP of Policy and Government Affairs, gives an update on the problematic H.R. 2543, the Financial Services Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Economic Justice Act. Meg Kilgannon, FRC's Senior Fellow for Education Studies, discusses the Southern Poverty Law Center's polling showing Leftist support for politically motivated violence, especially assassinations.

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MAY 20, 2022
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