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At The Core is hosted by Walker Wildmon and Rick Green and can be heard each weekday from 1:00PM - 2:00PM CDT on American Family Radio. Walker Wildmon serves as Vice President of Operations for American Family Association (AFA) and as a spokesperson for AFA and has been quoted by CNN, Fox News and other major news outlets. He also serves as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of AFA Action. Walker graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Political Science. He calls Tupelo, Mississippi home and is beginning to raise a family there. Walker and his wife Lexie are happily married with four children. Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, and radio host. He & his family travel the nation speaking on America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage. Rick co-hosts the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live!, with David Barton. Join Walker and Rick as they tackle the issues of the day from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

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The COVID origin is now being revealed and coincidently the FBI now says it’s CHINA.

0:00 - 15:00:   The FBI leadership has gone rogue even though FBI agents on the ground disagree. Got any idea how much a trillion is? Green’s gone bad in California. Biden is dissing on natural gas. 

18:00 - 35:00:   The COVID origin is now being revealed and coincidently the FBI now says it’s CHINA. In 2021, NPR reported that that was bunk…will NPR admit their mistake? Jabbed victims are now reporting injuries. Pregnant mothers and babies suffered because the COVID jab was not studied. 

38:00 - 54:10:   Trump… DeSantis… the presidential field is getting interesting. Mississippi’s REAP Act outlaws the sexual mutilation of minors.  The country is on the slippery slope and our children are bound for the crash. Chocolate has gone woke.



March 03, 202300:48:25
Rick explains how Biblical principles were used to found America.

0:00 - 15:00:   The Constitution is clear on the powers that the federal government is granted. Rick gives us a lesson on what the Founding Fathers envisioned.  The unconstitutional student loan forgiveness is Biden’s latest vote-grabbing move.

18:00 - 35:00:  The Texas cast of the Pfizer-whistleblower, who worked on testing the COVID jab, has big money behind it. States need to have their own “personality”. 

38:00 - 54:10:   The HERO Act is being abused by the Biden administration. Children do not need to be subjected to a required COVID jab. Biblical principles used to found America are explained. Callers weigh in.



March 02, 202300:54:03
God created only two sexes… male and female… don’t be fooled. Satan is the author of confusion and deception.

0:00 - 15:00:   Mississippi now has a law to protect children from sexual mutilation. God created only two sexes… male and female… don’t be fooled. Satan is the author of confusion and deception.

18:00 - 35:00:  Wesley is in to preview the Marriage, Family, Life conference in July. “Activate” is the AFA worldview Biblical training and it’s coming soon. 

38:00 - 54:10:   Sheri Few, president of US Parents Involved in Education, discusses with Walker the status of American education… it’s a mess!!! There is a spiritual war being waged against our children. Parental control of their children’s education is pivotal. Sheri is promoting a tax credit for home school education. Callers weigh in. 




March 01, 202300:54:04
America’s rejection of Biblical values has lead to our current dilemma. Good news is the tide is turning in America

0:00 - 15:00: The instruction manual for our life is the word of God! And it applies to all the aspects of our lives. The church needs to stand on the truth and quit falling for the lies. Biblical truths have not changed since creation.

18:00 - 35:00: Confrontation of evil is justifiable. America’s rejection of Biblical values has lead to our current dilemma. Good news is the tide is turning in America.

38:00 - 54:10: Politics in churches…Rick explains the deal. The Bible addresses politics so don’t be fooled. Biblical citizenship is a requirement for us. Callers weigh in.

February 28, 202300:54:04
Why, why the inability to see reality on the part of the left?

0:00 - 15:00: Alex McFarland guest hosts today’s show. Disney has been on the slippery slope for years of ‘go woke… go broke’. “Why, why the inability to see reality on the part of the left?” Jimmy Carter is compared to Teddy Roosevelt.

18:00 - 35:00: Dr. Syed Haider discusses prescription protocols, lab testing protocols, supplements, lifestyle interventions, and alternative therapies for long haul COVID and vaccine injury patients.

38:00 - 54:10: Jameson Taylor, AFA Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, brings an update on Mississippi bills that are designed to impact child abuse and how pornography effects our school children. Caller weigh in.





February 27, 202300:54:31
Juliane Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Actions on how the DOJ is abusing the FACE Act to silence Pro-Life advocates.

0:00 - 15:00:  SBC investigating allegations of abuse, much less hiring a secular company to investigate is fraught with pitfalls.  

18:00 - 35:00:  Juliane Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Actions joins Walker to shed light on how authorities are dragging their feet investigating attacks on WFA offices and how the DOJ is abusing the FACE Act to silence Pro-Life advocates.  

38:00 - 54:10:  Chris Woodward updates on stories on how several states are moving to ban “gender manipulations.” Missouri AG is working to fire the St. Louis DA. Kansas is threatening to sue Walgreens for illegally selling abortion pills and the drug chain is backing down. Is Biden running or not running… his recent actions don’t bode well for him.

February 24, 202300:49:45
Disrespecting human life, constitutional free speech, and a surprise are all covered on “THE CORE”

0:00 - 15:00:   Bishop Jim Lowe is the Senior Pastor of The Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, Alabama. He has frequently stated his intention is not to have people merely attend church but to become disciples in the church.  He joins “THE CORE” to discuss the disrespect for human life

18:00 - 35:00:  Maddison Farris, former editor-in-chief of OSU’s newspaper, was forced to resign when she posted a column stating that, per Oklahoma state law, students cannot be required to wear masks.  She speaks on Speech First’s lawsuit against OSU’ violations of the first and 14th amendments to the US Constitution

38:00 - 54:10:  Daniel Dreisbach, professor at American University, tells us all about an open Bible discovered in a painting that hangs in our nation’s capitol, depicting the signing of the US Constitution.   








February 23, 202300:48:22
A Tale of Two Andys

0:00 - 15:00:  The State of Mississippi is busy passing legislation greatly affirming Scripture…praise God!

18:00 - 35:00:   Wesley joins THE CORE to discuss how the church strays brazenly

38:00 - 54:10:  Dr. Peter McCullough, internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist managing the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the ”jabs”.  He discusses  recovery protocols and cardiac issues surrounding these shots








February 22, 202300:54:04
"Rise of the Fourth Reich is a must read!

0:00 - 15:00: “Rise of the Fourth Reich” is highlighted.  You will be righteously angered!

18:00 - 35:00:  Discussion continues on the COFF shot fascism.  Callers provide their thoughts 

38:00 - 54:10: Resolutions, found in the book cited in the first segment, will prevent recurrence of these heinous actions





February 21, 202300:54:04
The evidence of CCP support to the Bidens gets longer and longer

0:00 - 15:00: Let’s take a closer look at the economy, the Fed, and inflation   

18:00 - 35:00: Paul Kamenar, counsel from the National Legal and Policy Center unfolds the “contracts” and influence peddling (read dollars) going to the Penn Biden Center @ Univ of Penn from the CCP

38:00 - 54:10: Dr. Mark Sherwood, nutritionist and former OK Gubernatorial Cand. in 2022, rejoins “THE CORE” to outline, “5th generation warfare…how we can fight back”






February 20, 202300:54:04
Look, up in the sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane…nope, it’s…benign

0:00 - 15:00:  Jacob Nacar, studying for his MA Theology @ Asbury Univ., is a staff intern for youth ministry and student leader of the ongoing revival @ Asbury.  He shares his experiences within the Asbury University revival

18:00 - 35:00:  Roane Hunter, certified therapists in sexual disorders/addictions with his wife Eva, for over 30+ years, discusses Mississippi’s obscenity bill (MS HB 1341)

38:00 - 54:10:  Chris Woodward, AFNews, News Coordinator, shares with us his, “Stories of the Week”







February 17, 202300:48:25
Rick hosts special guests Stanley Kurtz, Daniel Horowitz, and Chris Ruddy

0:00 - 15:00:  Stanley Kurtz, Sr. Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, provides insight into Gov DeSantis’ fight against CRT in FL public schools

18:00 - 35:00:  Daniel Horowitz, Sr Editor of TheBlaze and host of the Conservative Review podcast joins Rick to shed light on a WV hospital who forces “unjabbed” workers to wear a yellow star designating being unvaccinated

38:00 - 54:10: Newsmax’s CEO and Founder Chris Ruddy joins Rick to highlight their push to stop DirectTV’s “political discrimination” against Newsmax 





February 16, 202300:50:28
Revival is upon us! Prayers go up at Asbury University!

0:00 - 15:00: WH admits CCP spy balloons have been “amongst us” since at least 2017. Hello, is Gen Milley there please?

18:00 - 35:00: Pastor Bill Elliff, Founding and National Engage Pastor of The Summit Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on the Asbury Univ Revival…boots on the ground perspective

38:00 - 54:10: Trevor Loudon rejoins “THE CORE” to spotlight US Senators Elizabeth Warren from MA and Tammy Baldwin from WI with respect to their communist/Marxist actions. Checkout his book series, “Security Risk Senators, Part One and Part Two” Listeners call in to prayer for the revival taking place at Asbury University


REFLECTIONS FROM ASBURY (Part 1) https://billelliff.org/blogs/news/reflections-from-asbury

REFLECTIONS FROM ASBURY (Part 2) https://billelliff.org/blogs/news/reflections-from-asbury-part-2




February 15, 202300:54:04
Disney continues to stray from their core

0:00 - 15:00:   Disney’s, “Go Wokeness”, is tackled as they push the, “1619 Project”

18:00 - 35:00:  The COFF shots war continues

38:00 - 54:10:  Callers weigh in on the topics of the day




February 14, 202300:54:04
Dr. Christina Parks brings information on the dangers of the COVID “vax” and what are the consequences of the “vax”

0:00 - 15:00:   A major revival is happening at Asbury University in Kentucky. Balloons, balloons, balloons… who’s sending over the balloons? Why can we not get information from our government? 

18:00 - 35:00:   Katy Talento joins Walker to discuss baby foods with toxic metals staying on the US market while the FDA dithers. Bloomberg Law found the majority of baby foods are contaminated. Where are baby food manufacturers and the FDA priorities? Now all the COVID “vax” injuries are coming to light. Where are the vax recalls? 

38:00 - 54:10:  Dr. Christina Parks brings information on the dangers of the COVID “vax” and what are the consequences of the “vax”. Dr. Parks created the Vaccine Injury Treatment Alliance to disseminate information on how to midgait the injuries of the “vax” 



(coming soon) https://www.vi-ta.org/


February 13, 202300:54:04
The intrigue of the Chinese spy balloon continues…and we delve into the government’s heinous actions against pro life entities

0:00 - 15:00:  Let’s explore some positivity occurring around the country

18:00 - 35:00: Daniel Tomlinson, Advancement Manager, CompassCare USA, discusses some of their ongoing travails in the pro life arena

38:00 - 54:10:  Chris Woodward, AFNews, News Coordinator, shares with us his, “Stories of the Week”





February 10, 202300:48:20
(A "Best of" from January 24, 2023) School Choice Legislation Comes to the Fore

0:00 - 15:00: School choice winning; leftists losing

18:00 - 35:00: Crowder v Daily Wire is discussed; Andy Stanley disregards the Bible once again…at what price popularity; callers provide opinion

38:00 - 54:10: Arizona election results certainly can’t be final let alone certified. Callers share





February 09, 202300:54:04
What we profess as our fruit says so much to the world when it’s lacking

0:00 - 15:00:  The new Saddleback Church, California pastors, Andy and Stacey Wood, have some rather disturbing stumbling points

18:00 - 35:00:  Wesley rejoins “THE CORE” to discuss “discernible fruits” of the Spirit and the whole counsel of God

38:00 - 54:10:  Trevor Loudon revisits with fascinating insight concerning some US senators that represent  the great state of Arizona.  Callers weigh in on biblical doctrine






February 08, 202300:54:20
Be prepared for the non-truth of the SOTU address tonight

0:00 - 15:00:  Here comes the SOTU address tonight…what we can expect 

18:00 - 35:00:  COFF crazy here we come…   

38:00 - 54:10:  Let’s here what the callers have to say



February 07, 202300:54:04
AP Poll: “One term is plenty” for JoeB

0:00 - 15:00:  Newt Gingrich’s expected “take” on the SOTU address; parents and their push against school boards; as well as security issues “above and below” are addressed 

18:00 - 35:00:   Dr. Robin Paterson, Pres., Pornographyisnoteducation.org, discusses the cleanup of library databases and classroom curriculum as well as the support/status MS HB1341

38:00 - 54:10:  Peter Range, CEO, Ohio Right to Life, discusses the fight against a very radical pro-abortion ballot initiative.










February 06, 202300:54:04
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