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Airing live at 9am CST on American Family Radio, Faith & Finance with Rob West, along with special guests and financial experts, aims to provide biblical wisdom on a variety of financial topics as well as answers to call-in questions. Originating in 1988, Larry Burkett, co-founder of Christian Financial Concepts and Crown Financial Ministries, started a question-and-answer radio program with co-host Steve Moore called “Money Matters”. After Larry’s passing and homegoing in 2003, Crown’s other co-founder, Howard Dayton, became the new host and in 2011, Money Matters was transformed into MoneyWise by Howard’s new organization, Compass Finances God’s Way. In 2017, Kingdom Advisors (another organization Larry Burkett co-founded) acquired the MoneyWise radio broadcast ministry and in January 2023 the ministry changed it's name to Faith & Finance. Today, under the leadership of radio host Rob West, Faith & Finance can be found on your favorite podcast platform and on the AFR website and mobile app.

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How To Support Your Missionaries

The Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples in Matthew 28 should be a constant reminder for us to support mission work, especially if we’re not the ones going. On today's MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about some ways you can support the missionaries you know. Then he’ll answer your questions on various financial topics.

September 05, 202200:54:07
Credit To Avoid

The Bible doesn’t speak of debt as a sin … only that we should avoid it. While some types of credit are better than others, some should be avoided like the plague. Rob West will talk about that with Howard Dayton and then answer listener questions today on MoneyWise on AFR.  Also, our friend Jerry Bowyer joins us to discuss the markets and the economy.

September 02, 202200:54:12
What "God Provides" Really Means

The verse in the book of Philippians that explains God will supply our every need has assured countless believers of God’s unfailing love. But what does that verse really mean? On today's MoneyWise on AFR, host Rob West will explain what the phrase, “God provides” really means and how it can be easily misunderstood. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics.

September 01, 202200:54:12
Disability: The Overlooked Insurance

Did you know that most employers offer disability insurance plans, but most employees don’t sign up for them? On today's MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about the possible reasons why many employees overlook this potentially critical form of insurance. Then he’ll answer your calls on various financial topics.

August 31, 202200:54:11
Why Christians Don't Give More

If you ask Christians if they’d like to give more, the answer is always yes. So what’s holding us back? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about giving with Ron Blue.

August 30, 202200:54:12
The Debt Effect of Inflation

Inflation is bad enough for folks living on a budget with some money to spare, but it’s devastating for those relying on credit cards. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that and the best solution to the problem with Neile Simon. Also, Bob Doll will join us today with his weekly take on markets and the economy.

August 29, 202200:54:12
Happy Job Hunting!

If you’re ready to look for a job, there are some things you need to consider to make your job hunt a happy experience. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about those and take your calls.

August 26, 202200:54:12
Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

The days of record low interest rates and barely noticeable inflation are behind us, so the decision of leasing versus buying isn’t so clear-cut. Maybe it’s time to go over the pros and cons again. Rob West will do that today on MoneyWise on AFR.

August 25, 202200:54:12
More Inflation Fighters

Saving a dollar here and there is great. But you may need inflation fighters that give bigger, quicker results. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West has a bunch of them for you.

August 24, 202200:54:12
Teaching Kids About Money

Sharing the Gospel is the most important thing you can do for your kids, but perhaps the second most important thing is teaching them how to handle money wisely. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that with Art Rainer.

August 23, 202200:54:12
In God We Trust

Before you can do anything else with money, you have to earn it. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West brings scriptural counsel and practical advice about earning. Every so often on Monday episodes, we review the five basic things you can do with money. You can earn it, live on it, give it away, you can owe it to someone, and you can grow it for the future. Earn, Live, Give, Owe, Grow. On this episode, our focus is earning.

August 22, 202200:54:13
Get The Most From Your HSA

If you qualify for an HSA, you want to make the most of it. But they’re not right for everyone. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about where they do the most good and where they’ll have little impact on your budget. Then he'll take your calls and financial questions.

August 19, 202200:54:11
Debt Crisis Looming?

With a national debt now north of $30 trillion, is there a debt crisis on the horizon? And what does it mean for you? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that with Jerry Bowyer and then take your financial questions.

August 18, 202200:54:11
Maybe You Don't Need a Reverse Mortgage

For all the hoopla about reverse mortgages these days, it’s surprising that only about 2-percent of folks eligible for them take one out. Maybe the 98% know something the others don’t, not just that reverse mortgages have high fees and lots of rules, but that there are alternatives. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about whether you need a reverse mortgage and take your phone calls.

August 17, 202200:54:13
1970 Deja Vu All Over Again?

Philosopher George Santayana is credited with saying, ​“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Is that what we’re experiencing now? It sure seems like we’re seeing many of the same economic conditions as the 1970s. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that with Mark Biller and together they will take your calls and questions.

August 16, 202200:54:12
Is Facebook Your Financial Advisor?

Do you have a financial advisor? Or are you taking advice from your favorite social media platform? Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about that and then he'll answer your financial questions. Later Bob Doll stops by for his weekly update on the markets.

August 15, 202200:54:13
Protect Kids, Parents Online

We’ve reported many times how identity thieves target seniors. Now it seems they’re going after kids, too. And it’s way more common than you might think. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about how you can protect your kids and elderly parents from identity theft and then he'll take your calls.

August 12, 202200:54:12
Student Loan Forgiveness Update

If you worry that you’ll never be able to pay off your federal student loans, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter. The White House is expected to make a decision about student loan forgiveness, but the Education Department isn’t waiting. Rob West will explain today on MoneyWise on AFR.

August 11, 202200:54:10
What You Don't Know About Credit Cards

For most people, for good or ill, credit cards are a part of everyday life. We think we know everything about them, but often, that's not true. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about some things you may not know about credit cards and then answer listeners' questions.

August 10, 202200:54:12
Learning From Financial Missteps

Everyone makes mistakes with finances. The only difference is that some people learn from them and others don’t. Today on MoneyWise on AFR, Rob West will talk about how you can learn from financial missteps and then take your calls.

August 09, 202200:54:13
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