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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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12 O’clock From Here to There

We live in a fascinating world where travel, knowledge, social interaction, communication is faster than ever before in history.

September 07, 202200:03:29

The Founders of our nation were great dreamers but 2000 years ago there was a group of eleven dreamers with the biggest dream of all, that all of man-kind would look to the savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

September 06, 202200:03:52
Wanted; A New Pleasure

There is no magic problem-solver in life. Life can get ugly and hopeless. That’s why Christ came; to give us a hope, a future, and make our lives beautiful.

September 05, 202200:03:36
What Others Think

When we know ourselves well and we know Christ well, the opinions of others don’t really matter much.

September 02, 202200:03:42
Cheating Our Kids

One of the primary jobs of a parent is to introduce our children to Christ. We’re failing them and they’re suffering for it. We are cheating our children.

September 01, 202200:03:47
The Most Miserable of People

With all Americans have at our fingertips; wealth, plenty, comfort, statistics show that more of us than not die unhappy. Perhaps our definition of happiness is wrong.

August 31, 202200:03:55
Zest for Life

As children we have a seemingly inexhaustible zest for living that often wanes in adulthood. Keeping that zest for living isn’t easy, but it is simple when we find our purpose in Christ.

August 30, 202200:04:12
The More You Know

Fear it is said, comes from a lack of knowledge. We fear the unknown so it follows that the more one knows of God and the better our relationship with God, the more on will revere God, lead to less fear or terror of God.

August 29, 202200:03:54
The Three ‘Ships’

Man is made for worship and will always intuitively worship something. There is also a need within man for fellowship and scholarship. No man can do without these three ships.

August 26, 202200:03:57
Old Joe

When the wrongs we perceive are allowed to become things to be repaid we often find that getting even losing those things that mean the most.

August 25, 202200:04:09
The Hidden Cavities of Life

Sins of the spirit aren’t necessarily detectable in appearance but are just as deadly as those that are. Every sin, seen or unseen spring from a root and that root of sin will destroy us if not weeded from us.

August 24, 202200:03:18
Twenty-four Hours in a Day

Every person on the planet is given the same amount of time in every day. We always seem to make time for those activities that are important to us. Priorities matter.

August 23, 202200:03:23
Making Good Happen

The body of Christ most accurately reflects Him in their acts of kindness and good will. When we give of ourselves, we receive much, much more.

August 22, 202200:03:45
Politics is the Christian’s Responsibility

Separation of church and state does not mean separation from civic duty.  Beginning with responsibility to ensure that those in public office are good people and being mindful that all humans make mistakes.

August 19, 202200:04:31
Counterfeit Christianity

Religion is everywhere. When one truly looks at the capabilities within oneself, we see how desperate we are for help from outside ourselves; thus the birth of religion. But Christianity isn’t just another religion because without the Cross of Christ, it’s a phony.

August 18, 202200:03:38
Decisions, Decisions

Every small decision we make goes into the make-up of the fabric of our lives. In reality, no decision is small or insignificant.

August 17, 202200:03:11
Number One

Who among us can cast the first stone of condemnation? Christ tells us that forgiveness of sin for ourselves is dependent on our forgiving others.

August 16, 202200:03:33
Surprises About God

There many aspects to God, The Father, that many Christians have either missed or have simply never been taught. He is a being completely different from us; unobtrusiveness is only one of His attributes.

August 15, 202200:03:42
A Letter to My Father

The Rev. Don Wildmon shares with our listeners a letter he wrote to his own father many years ago expressing his appreciation for the life-principles handed down to him as a youngster.

August 12, 202200:03:44
Thanks Mamma!

As we mature we begin to see our parents through an ever growing gratitude for their sacrifices, wisdom and God-centered influence deposited within us.

August 11, 202200:03:42
MAY 20, 2022
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