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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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It Was Just Gus

The seemingly insignificant moments in life are often the powerful events that alter an entire culture, generation, or nation.

May 20, 202200:03:53
The Story of Salty

Determination is often the difference between success and failure.

May 19, 202200:03:57
Practicing Love Outshines Shouts of Love

The things we do make a much larger impression on the people around us than the words we say to them.

May 18, 202200:03:34
Traditions & Questions

Just because we’ve always done “it” that way doesn’t make it the best way or the method that best honors God.

May 17, 202200:04:00
If We Simply Listen

Those who make the most noise may be doing so because they are not being heard.

May 16, 202200:03:24
The Danger of Playing Around

Playing with sin is a lot like playing with fire; one cannot be surprised when burned by it. Sin will always take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay and cost you more than you intended to pay.

May 13, 202200:03:40
Small Deeds Equal Big Impacts

Thoughts develop into actions and actions have far reaching consequences for society as a whole.

May 12, 202200:03:59
The Just & The Unjust

Many times it appears as if serving God is futile but God, The Judge, has yet to make His final ruling.

May 11, 202200:03:26
Doers of the Word

Commitments are important as we walk out our Christian faith as we represent Christ and His reputation in and to the world.

May 10, 202200:03:53
How Expensive is Faith?

Following Christ is not for the faint of heart or the miser – it will cost us everything.

May 09, 202200:04:21
To Be a Visionary

James Doolittle was a visionary and it cost him everything. One must decide early-on that he can & will give of himself, whatever the cost, to the vision.

May 06, 202200:03:29

From where do we acquire hope? Can it be that the Creator hopes for us? Why else would He continue to call humanity to Himself even though we stiff-arm Him while shaking our fist at His invitation?

May 05, 202200:03:33

Failure is not necessarily final or fatal. By what standard do we define failure? …maybe failure is actually a step-up toward successful accomplishment.

May 04, 202200:03:48
Desires for Success

The way in which we define success is the key to unlocking one’s success.

May 03, 202200:04:14

We humans fear anything we don’t understand. Only Christ can steel us – prepare us - fit us in such a way so that we meet death fearlessly.

May 02, 202200:03:34
Hiding is Never the Answer

Problems can be solved only when they are not hidden. Sometimes we are the ones hiding and that is simply wasted time.

April 29, 202200:03:58
Try Again!

Because of Christ’s redemptive work in life and death on the cross the Father is able to wipe the board clean, enabling His created children to correct the error within.

April 28, 202200:03:47
The Applicant

The quickest way to fail to impress someone is to pretend to be someone or something we are not.

April 27, 202200:03:32
How Are You Building?

With every act we build our lives. We use each thought, each decision, each action just like building materials. The product we wind up with is built on the foundation of the past AND the action of the now.

April 26, 202200:03:50
Heaven or Hell?

Getting everything we want is not “heaven”. We aren’t built to have our wishes granted without effort. We are built to strive – to achieve – to conquer. Our wrong ideas of God and heaven will prove to be our undoing.

April 25, 202200:03:50
MAY 20, 2022
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