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Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio (AFR).

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Junk Makes Us Sick

We are created to function in certain ways, with proper nourishment being the key, not only in our physical bodies but also that of our spirits.

January 05, 202200:03:47
Sprinting in the Wrong Direction

We begin the race with enthusiasm but a wrong turn along the course will up-end your destination.

January 04, 202200:03:47
Sharing the Greatest Things

How wonderful it is when the things in which we find delight we desire to share with those we care about. If then, we delight in Christ why is it we don’t share Him as readily?

January 03, 202200:03:15
Supreme Sacrifice

One father’s offer to tr trade his life for that of his son illustrates our Heavenly Father’s gift to us.

December 31, 202100:03:24
How to be Accomplished

If you don’t believe you can, you won’t. Seek the Father’s will, believe you can and keep on working at it. You will accomplish the mission you are given.

December 30, 202100:03:50
Frustrating Life’s Frustrations

Learn to accept that frustrations are part of living and you set the stage for a more contented life in Christ.

December 29, 202100:03:46
Tunnels of Life

Darkness can be terrifying. We need to remember that God is here with us and that the tunnel has light at both ends, so keep on traveling.

December 28, 202100:04:34
When the Going Gets Rough

The road will get bumpy, it’s a fact of life. When it does we can resign, leave our post; become resigned to failing our task; or re-sign, putting a fresh signature on our commitment.

December 27, 202100:03:50
The Nativity

The account of Christ’s birth never gets old. Bethlehem was chosen for the honor of bringing forth the King of Kings into the world.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 202100:04:36
The Legend of the Three Trees

In this fable we can see the truth that the dreams of children more often than not don’t come true. That is, they are not fulfilled as we foresee them, but in life there is a plan and a Planner who works in all.

December 23, 202100:03:51

The most unhappy people in the world are those who pursue it the hardest. A “good time” and happiness are not at all the same things.

December 22, 202100:04:14
Don’t Quit!

Sometimes it is so difficult to get back up after being knocked down that we are tempted to not even try it; but when we quit we guarantee that we will not succeed. So, hang in there and giving it the best you have. Don’t quit!

December 21, 202100:03:28

Greatness of soul is not measured by genius, fame or fortune, but by the kindness that is sown in the those along our path.

December 20, 202100:04:02

A single incident in the life of Abraham Lincoln offers an insight into how God often moves to lead and direct the lives of His children in Christ Jesus.

December 17, 202100:03:19
The Twelve

Each member of the twelve who most closely followed Christ had a specific role to play in the spread of the Gospel. Each was faithful to their call unto death. Disciples.

December 16, 202100:04:11
Appreciation is Appreciated

There is great power in showing appreciation to others. Everyone desires to be appreciated for the part they play so why should it be so difficult for us to express our appreciation to others?

December 15, 202100:03:39
How to Play Second Best

Not everyone marching in the parade of life can lead. There must always be the followers. Second best doesn’t mean less-than or incapable. It simply means that we play the part we have to the best of our ability.

December 14, 202100:03:39

There is nothing basically wrong in criticism, it can actually be very good for us. How we do the criticizing and our motives in it are the factors that will make it constructive or destructive.

December 13, 202100:03:47
Just One Man

What if everyone were to say, “I’m just one man”? Many of the changes that benefited the entire world have begun in the heart and mind of one solitary man.

December 13, 202100:03:47
God is Among His People

God is concerned about each person personally. He surprises us at times with His nearness as He stoops to hear and help and save.

December 10, 202100:03:31
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