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    Ray Pritchard's Three Questions for Christmas

    A half-hour Christmas visit with Dr. Ray Pritchard, frequent co-host on Today's Issues

    December 19, 201900:24:16
    A Haven Today Christmas!

    Charles Morris and Haven Today's Christmas presentation called the Holy Spirit of Christmas!

    December 18, 201900:53:55
    Stir up the Gift with Tim Todd

    A Christmas Special titled Stir up the Gift with evangelist Tim Todd

    December 18, 201900:59:14
    In Grace Christmas with Pastor Jim Scudder

    Pastor Jim Scudder and a his church's pageant, Bethlehem's Tower

    December 18, 201900:59:14
    Tim Todd's Saddest Verse Of The Bible

    Tim Todd's Saddest Verse Of The Bible

    December 04, 201900:28:02
    J.J. Jasper Veterans Day Special

    J.J. Jasper Veterans Day Special

    November 11, 201900:54:13
    What Are You Living For By Dr. Ray Pritchard

    "What Are You Living For" By Dr. Ray Pritchard

    September 02, 201900:24:17
    America at the Crossroads - Tim Todd

    America at the Crossroads - Tim Todd

    July 06, 201900:29:50
    Thanksgiving 2018 | Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    The 300-member Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir rejoice in the lovingkindness of our King, our Redeemer! The songs are selections from the choir's newest album, I Am Reminded! There's an inspiring testimony from a prodigal named Hannah! And, Jim Cymbala, Senior Pastor at Brooklyn Tabernacle, shares a challenging message titled The Lost Thanksgivings!

    November 22, 201800:54:15
    Urban Family Conference - Abraham Hamilton III

    Urban Family Conference - Abraham Hamilton III

    November 18, 201800:54:15
    Abraham Hamilton, III - Marriage Is Ministry

    Marriage Is Ministry was presented at the Urban Family Conference earlier this year.

    November 17, 201800:54:18
    Urban Conference: Meeke Addison

    Urban Conference: Meeke Addison

    November 10, 201800:54:15
    Don Wildmon: That's What Christians Do Now

    Bro. Don Wildmon tells "That's What Christians Do Now"

    November 05, 201800:04:52
    The Event

    "The Event"

    November 04, 201801:26:21

    Our listeners remind us that our mission statement is what afr is all about. Listen to their stories and please pray for afr as we strive to return America to her moral foundations and remind her that we are:ONE NATION UNDER GOD

    October 11, 201800:03:45
    The Progressive Threat to the American Republic

    Booklet-The Progressive Threat to the American Republic

    July 09, 201800:25:58
    My Prayer for America - Dr. Ray Pritchard

    Ray Pritchard, a frequent co-host of Today's Issues, offers a message especially for the July 4th, 2018 holiday.

    July 04, 201800:24:16
    In God We Trust | Dr. James Dobson

    Family Talk host Dr. James Dobson discusses the state of the family in America today in this final in our series of In God We Trust specials.

    June 01, 201800:26:57
    Cataclysmic Times | Dr. Ray Pritchard

    Honoring Memorial Day with Dr. Ray Pritchard as he takes into the challenge of living out our faith in difficult times like toady.

    May 26, 201800:24:16
    In God We Trust | Under God

    American Family Radio recognizes the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform in this the newest from our In God We Trust series.

    May 17, 201800:27:57
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