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    2018 Easter Special | Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    Jesus Christ, our risen Savior, is magnified in this hour-long Easter presentation featuring the 270-voice Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. You'll be inspired by a stirring testimony from choir member Aiysha McCarthy. And, you'll hear a powerful message from Jim Cymbala, senior pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle.

    March 30, 201800:54:10
    Last Words of Jesus | Stu Epperson, Jr.

    The last words of Jesus before His crucifixion and death - what were they and what do they mean for us today? The profound last words of Jesus tower above all others because of who He was. Stu Epperson, Jr., author of Last Words of Jesus, shares some wonderful insights from those sacred words.

    March 30, 201800:27:56
    The Crucifixion of Jesus | Fernando Ortega & Bert Harper

    The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, is exalted n this presentation from gifted singer-songwriter Fernando Ortega and Exploring the Word's Bert Harper.

    March 30, 201800:54:10
    Paid In Full | Ray Pritchard

    Reflections on the finished work at Calvary and the remarkable reason behind it.

    March 30, 201800:24:16
    In God We Trust | Frank Turek

    John Riley visits with Christian apologist Frank Turek about the state of America. How did we get where we are today and what's our hope for the future?

    March 15, 201800:27:56
    A Tribute to Billy Graham

    The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has created a half hour special honoring the life and Gospel-proclaiming work of Reverend Billy Graham.

    February 23, 201800:25:47
    Safety, Rescue & Care | India Partners

    You can rescue a child from India’s “Red-Light districts” and help her escape the dangers of the brothels. These young children grow up in a place surrounded by sexual abuse and violence because their mothers work in the sex trade. Just listen to this special for more details.

    Invest in the lives of these children by clicking here.

    February 16, 201800:25:56
    In God We Trust | Bill Federer

    From our In God We Trust series, John Riley talks with author and speaker Bill Federer about some amazing miracles in America's history!

    February 15, 201800:27:56
    Victims in the Shadows | Brad Mattes

    Brad Mattes of Life Issues helps you understand the reality of human trafficking, but with biblical hope and encouragement.

    January 21, 201800:25:56
    In God We Trust | Michael Brown

    As part of our 40th anniversary series, John Riley visits with Dr. Michael Brown about the state of America and the great hope we have in God!

    January 11, 201800:27:56
    What Are You Worried About? | Ray Pritchard

    Dr. Ray Pritchard teaches from 1 Peter 5. He encourages us to cast our cares on Christ, to trust in Him, and to live out of that trust.

    January 01, 201800:24:20
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