The Awakening with Bishop E.W. Jackson

The Awakening deals with the pressing issues confronting Americans today - cultural, economic, political and national security. Your host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder and president of S.T.A.N.D (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), is on a mission to awaken the body of Christ and all Americans to the fundamental threat to the spiritual and moral foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Instead of mere rhetoric, he offers real solutions to the problems America faces, such as inner city poverty, crime and violence.

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Professor Sherif Girgis Discusses Roe V Wade

Professor Sherif Girgis Discusses Roe V Wade

January 18, 202200:54:13
Fred Jackson Guest-hosts for Bishop Jackson

Fred Jackson discussed the events of the weekend and features some audio from some of those events.

January 17, 202200:54:01
First Amendment Friday For January 14, 2022

Open Phone Lines!!

January 14, 202200:54:15

Find out how you can save the life of an unborn child.

January 13, 202200:54:15
Representative Louie Gohmert Is Our Guest Today

January Sixth political prisoners, FBI corruption.

January 12, 202200:54:15
The John Lewis Voting Rights Act

It's an abomination!

January 11, 202200:54:15
Big Tech Is Out Of Control

They should be treated as public utilities and broken up.

January 10, 202200:54:15
Fred Jackson Guest Hosts For Bishop Jackson

Fred is joined by guests Chris Woodward and Gary Bauer to discuss the Supreme Court arguments on Biden's vaccine mandates.

January 07, 202200:54:15
We Are Not A Democracy

We are a constitutional republic. There is a big difference.

January 06, 202200:54:15
Our Guest Today Is Esther Debord

A youthful perspective on today's political climate.

January 05, 202200:54:15
Our Guest Today Is Cicely Davis

Candidate for U.S. Congress

January 04, 202200:54:15
Happy New Year

Doctors are being mandated to prioritize covid treatments biased on the person's skin color.

January 03, 202200:54:15
Dr. Fauci Is The Highest Paid Federal Employee $417,608 Per Year

His retirement will be $350,000 per year. What is his financial stake in the Covid vaccines? Many people would like to know.

December 29, 202100:54:15
Latest Covid News

Biden gives up. Says there is no Federal solution to Covid.

CDC reduces quarantine time from ten days to five.

Most of the new Covid cases are in the 'fully vaccinated".

December 28, 202100:54:15
Teaching Critical Race Theory Is Fulfilling Prophecy

Bishop Jackson explains.

December 27, 202100:54:15
Fully Vaccinated Seem To Get COVID More Often and Your Phone Calls

Fully Vaccinated Seem To Get COVID More Often and Your Phone Calls

December 21, 202100:54:02
Bishop Has His Wishes For Christmas: Biden/Harris Admin No Longer And Fauci Resign or Be Fired

Bishop Has His Wishes For Christmas: Biden/Harris Admin No Longer

December 20, 202100:54:13
First Amendment Friday - December 17, 2021

Bishop Jackson takes your calls on First Amendment Friday.

December 17, 202100:53:58
Our Guest Today Is Pastor Corey Brooks

Pastor Corey Brooks, founder of Project H.O.O.D. joins us to talk about Chicago crime.

December 16, 202100:54:07
Our Guest Today Is Dr. Harvey Risch

Dr. Harvey Risch joins the program to talk about the new Omicron varient.

December 15, 202100:54:00
MAY 20, 2022
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