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By Design’s mission is to educate and encourage people to embrace God’s design for marriage and family as the fundamental building block for all of human civilization and to celebrate the union of one man and one woman as the objective institution that produces human flourishing.

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Modelling Acts of Service

Walker and Lexie Wildmon discuss serving one another in marriage, and especially modelling to our children what that should look like.

August 13, 202200:27:58
Submission in a Christian Marriage

Abraham Hamilton III and his wife Maria use examples and scripture to discuss the often controversial concept of submission within marriage.

August 06, 202200:27:58
The Three Chairs of Man

Pastor Bert Harper talks about 3 conditions or "chairs" that Christians may find themselves in.

July 30, 202200:27:58
And Then There Were Children

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss the impact of children upon a Christian marriage.

July 23, 202200:27:58
Resolving Conflict in Marriage

Walker and Lexie Wildmon discuss working through and resolving disagreements in a godly marriage.

July 16, 202200:27:58
Agreeing on Finances

Walker Wildmon uses the resources of Dave Ramsey and the Word to discuss the importance of Christian couples agreeing about their financial management.

July 02, 202200:27:58
5 Principles to Teach Children

Pastor Bert Harper draws from the word, his family experience and another pastor to present 5 important bible-based lessons our kids should know.

June 25, 202200:27:58
Joy in the Journey

Wil and Meeke Addison talk about the joy they have experienced so far in their Christian marriage.

June 18, 202200:27:58
Wesley Wildmon talks with Dr. Chris Schroeder

Wesley Wildmon, Vice President of Outreach at AFA, talks about Christian marriage and family with Dr. Chris Schroeder, Teaching Pastor at First Baptist Church Texarkana.

June 11, 202200:27:58
Origins of Family

Walker Wildmon, Vice President of Operations at American Family Association, talks about the biblical Origin of the Family.

June 04, 202200:27:58

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss the biblical concept of forgiveness as it applies to a Christian marriage.

May 28, 202200:27:58
Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places

Pastor Bert Harper talks about the right place to find love before and during marriage.

May 21, 202200:27:58
Blended Families

Wesley Wildmon talks with friend and co-worker Jade Hollifield about the added challenges to parenthood in a blended family.

May 14, 202200:27:58
Christ's Example of Humility in Marriage

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss the issue of humility in marriage and point out that Christ humbled himself even unto death on a cross.  Through His suffering and death he saved us, and He also showed use the value of suffering and how to do it.

May 07, 202200:27:58
The Importance of Prayer in a Marriage

Walker Wildmon and his wife Lexie discuss the importance of prayer and praying together in a Christian marriage.

April 30, 202200:27:58
Unpacking Baggage in Marriage

Pastor Bert Harper talks about Christian ways of dealing with the baggage partners bring into marriage.

April 23, 202200:27:58
The Origins of Family

Walker Wildmon gets back to the basics with an article he wrote on The Origin of Family, drawn from Genesis 1:27-28.

April 16, 202200:27:58
The Importance of Family Mission

Abraham Hamilton III and his wife Maria discuss the concept of reaching the world for Christ as a family.

April 09, 202200:27:58
Foster Care

Wesley and Chelsea Wildmon welcome guests Anne and Will Cockrell to the studio to discuss a Christian couple's approach to foster care.

April 02, 202200:27:58
Dr. Rob Rienow-Visionary Marriage

Walker Wildmon talks with Dr. Rob Rienow, founder of Visionary Family Ministries and author of the book Visionary Marriage among others.

March 26, 202200:27:58
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