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By Design’s mission is to educate and encourage people to embrace God’s design for marriage and family as the fundamental building block for all of human civilization and to celebrate the union of one man and one woman as the objective institution that produces human flourishing.

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Fellowshipping Among Married Couples

Wesley and Chelsea Wildmon welcome their friends and co-workers Whitney and Tony Vitagliano to the studio and discuss the benefits of fellowshipping with other Christian couples.

August 21, 202100:27:58
Communication in Marriage

Pastor Bert Harper, Co-host of Exploring the Word on AFR, expounds on the importance of communication in a successful marriage.

August 14, 202100:27:58
The Importance of Marriage in Raising Children

Wil and Meeke Addison, co-hosts of Airing the Addisons on AFR, discuss the importance of God's design for marriage as  is relates to raising godly children.

August 07, 202100:27:58
God's Plan for Family

Pastor Bert Harper points out some key aspects of a a godly marriage which can be found in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

July 31, 202100:27:58
Longevity in Marriage

Wil and Meeke Addison host this edition and interview Bishop EW Jackson, host of The Awakening on AFR, about longevity in marriage.

July 24, 202100:27:57
Navigating Marriage and Ministry

Wesley and Chelsea Wildmon co-host this edition to discuss the advantages and challenges of marriage as it relates to ministry.

July 17, 202100:27:58
The Importance of God’s Plan for Marriage

Bert Harper hosts this edition of By Design and interviews Pastor Jeff Shreve, host of From His Heart, heard on AFR.  Bert and Jeff discuss the topic of the importance of the biblical view of marriage.

July 10, 202100:27:58
Opposites Attract

Abraham Hamilton III, host of The Hamilton Corner on AFR, and his wife Maria discuss the beauty in God's design which causes complimentary opposites to be attracted in marriage.

July 03, 202100:27:58
Marriage in a Tumultuous World

Wesley Wildmon hosts the premier episode of this new program aimed at reminding people of God's original design for marriage.  Tony Perkins, president of The Family Research Council, is our guest for this first episode, and he and Wesley discuss marriage in our troubled world.

June 26, 202100:27:58
Resolving Disagreements in Marriage

Walker and Lexi Wildmon discuss working through and resolving disagreements in a godly marriage.

June 25, 202100:27:58
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