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By Design’s mission is to educate and encourage people to embrace God’s design for marriage and family as the fundamental building block for all of human civilization and to celebrate the union of one man and one woman as the objective institution that produces human flourishing.

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Song of Solomon

Pastor Bert Harper talks about the model of love illustrated in Song of Solomon and how it should be applied in a biblical marriage.

March 19, 202200:27:58
Charity in Marriage

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss the important concept of assuming the best of one's spouse, or giving charity in marriage.

March 12, 202200:27:58
Wesley Wildmon Talks with Jerry and Becky Drace

Wesley Wildmon interviews AFA ministry partners Jerry and Becky Drace, of Hope for the Home, on the topics of family and marriage.

March 05, 202200:27:58
The Importance of a Family Mission

Abraham and Maria Hamilton discuss the biblical concept of mission as it applies to family and marriage.  Their text is Deuteronomy 11:13-21.

February 26, 202200:27:58
Building a Legacy

Pastor Bert Harper talks about leaving a legacy beyond financial for our family and others. Brother Bert uses scripture from Psalm 127:1-4 and Psalm 128:1-6.

February 19, 202200:27:58
The Gospel in Marriage

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss the good news of the Gospel within the context of marriage.

February 12, 202200:27:58
Marriage Before Children

Abraham Hamilton III and his wife Maria discuss the biblical concept that marriage should precede procreation.

February 05, 202200:27:58
Wesley Wilmon talks with Author Phil Bell

Wesley Wildmon talks with Phil Bell, author of The Family Ministry Playbook.

January 29, 202200:27:58
Four Books on Marriage

Walker Wildmon reviews 4 books which have helped he and his wife Lexie develop a stronger marriage:

Things I wish I'd Known Before we got Married-Gary Chapman

5 Love Languages for Men-Gary Chapman

Marriage in Light of Eternity-Francis Chan

First-Time Dad-John Fuller

January 22, 202200:27:58
Unpacking Baggage in Marriage

Pastor Bert Harper uses stories and scripture to help married couples deal with emotional baggage carried into marriage.

January 15, 202200:27:58
Holiness in Marriage

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss how a godly marriage encourages holiness in both partners and in those they influence.

January 08, 202200:27:58
Finding a Good Wife

Abraham Hamilton III and his wife Maria discuss Proverbs 18:22 which states, "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord."

January 01, 202200:27:58
Wesley Wildmon Interviews Greg Williams

Wesley Wildmon interviews Greg Williams of Love and Lordship Ministry on the topic of marriage.

December 18, 202100:27:58
Creating a Lasting Marriage

Walker Wildmon and his wife Lexie discuss biblical principals for building and living in a lasting, godly marriage.

December 11, 202100:27:58
God's Design for Men

Pastor Bert Harper uses stories and scripture to describe the role of men in marriage and family.

December 04, 202100:27:58
Purity is Security

Wil and Meeke Addison discuss the importance of a partner's purity in marriage as it relates to the security of the spouse.  This discussion deals with the subject of pornography.

November 27, 202100:27:58
Leave and Cleave-part 2

Abe and Maria Hamilton continue their discussion of spouses separating from the family in which they were raised and attaching themselves permanently to their marital partner in order to form a new family in Leave and Cleave-part 2.

November 20, 202100:27:58
Leave and Cleave -part 1

Abraham and Maria Hamilton discuss the Godly concept of leaving childhood families and cleaving to a spouse to become a new family.

November 13, 202100:27:58
The Societal Benefits of Marriage

Marriage is the foundation of family.  Family is the foundation of society.  Walker and Lexie Wildmon discuss the benefits of Godly marriage on society.

November 06, 202100:27:58
The Effects of Foster Parenting on Marriage

Wesley and Chelsey Wildmon welcome their friends Ann and Will Cockrell into the studio as they discuss the topic of foster parenting, and the challenges and changes fostering brings to marriage.

October 30, 202100:27:58
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